While IBC2023 might be dominated by transformative technologies such as cloud and AI, the IBC Conference has a strong focus on people, purpose, and the broader societal implications of media and technology. 

Here are some highlights to look out for at this year’s show.

Winning Over Gen Alpha: What broadcasters and brands need to action now


Gen Alpha are growing up immersed in digital technology.

This session (11.15-12.00, 15 September) is particularly relevant in today’s rapidly shifting media landscape. Generation Alpha (those born from 2010 onward) is growing up in a world immersed in technology and digital content and their consumption habits, preferences, and values are expected to be considerably different from previous generations. 

By focusing on this demographic, broadcasters and brands are not only looking to capture a new audience but also to shape the future of media content. So, addressing the needs and wants of Gen Alpha underscores the importance of understanding audiences at a deeper level and adjusting to societal shifts in real-time. 

For brands and broadcasters, this is not just about profits but about purpose – serving content that is relevant, engaging, and valuable to this new generation. John Olivieira, Publisher, OneWorld; Fiona Campbell, Controller Youth Audience, BBC iPlayer and BBC Three; and Matt Risley, Managing Director, 4Studio, Channel 4 join the discussion.

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Tech for Good: Digital ethics and responsible AI

artificial intelligence

What are the ethical implications of today’s AI tech?

This session (13.45-14.30, 17 September) delves deep into the ethical implications of today’s artificial intelligence technologies. As AI becomes more integrated into various sectors, including media and broadcasting, there’s a pressing need to ensure that it’s used responsibly. 

Digital ethics go beyond just compliance; it’s about ensuring that technology serves humanity, respects individual rights, and doesn’t inadvertently perpetuate biases or harm certain groups. The title “Tech for Good” reminds us that we mustn’t lose sight of the purpose behind technological advancements in AI – that they should benefit society at large, not just a select few. 

Alexandra Hussenot, Senior Executive And Board Advisor, Founder And CEO of IMMERSIONN; Mala Ramakrishnan, Chief Product Officer, CuVo; Kylee Peña, Product Marketing Manager, Pro Editorial, Adobe join Renard T. Jenkins, President, SMPTE for this timely discussion.

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Inclusive Tech: Vision 2030


Discussing the big tech and culture opportunities ahead at IBC2023.

Inclusion is at the forefront of global discussions, and the tech industry is no exception. This session speculates on how this will play out over the next decade, emphasising the importance of inclusivity in technological advancements. 

By 2030, the tech landscape will undoubtedly look different, but the hope is that it will be more inclusive, providing opportunities for all regardless of gender, race, socio-economic background, or physical ability. Such a vision goes beyond just business goals; it’s about creating a tech ecosystem where everyone has a place, everyone can benefit, and everyone’s voice is heard.

Speakers Sasha Scott, Head of Transformation Services, EBU and Soumya Sriraman, President of Streaming, Qurate Retail Group are joined by Rebecca Matthews, Head of Content Management, ABC and Matt Kirby, Actor for this one.

IBC2023 runs from 15-18 September 2023. Catch up on all the news on the IBC365 Live Blog.