The IBC2023 Conference sessions cover a wide spectrum of topics, from the advances in transformative technology (e.g. AI and Cloud) to a growing focus on sustainability, culture, people and purpose.

These themes sit right at the heart of IBC and they have a direct effect on business models, ushering in new ways of thinking and working, forcing the media, entertainment and broadcast industries to adapt.

IABM Session: State of MediaTech - Key drivers of change in 2023 and beyond

IBC2019 Lorenzo Zanni

Lorenzo Zanni, Head of Insight & Analysis, IABM

Tracking shifting business models and looking at broader changes in the MediaTech industry is what the IABM does best.

This Conference session (9.30-10.15, 15 September) offers an “analysis of the impact of macro headwinds on the market as well as data-driven insights on MediaTech investment patterns and business models.” 

Join Lorenzo Zanni, Head of Insight & Analysis, IABM, Jade Kurian, President and Co-Founder, latakoo; Kishore Krishnamurthy, CTO, Zee; Aditi Pandey, Head of Vendor Management & Partnerships, NRK; and Allen Broome, CEO, MediaKind for this one.

With the industry experiencing significant shifts, explore the new technologies, audience behaviours, and market pressures driving change. 

Find out more about the IABM at IBC2023.

Plotting the Effects of Disruption: Charting the new media ecosystem


Media Cartographer, Evan Shapiro

“In today’s media landscape, the only constant is change…” This opening session (10.35-11.00, 15 September) looks at how technological and behavioural disruptors are reshaping the media ecosystem and is given by noted Media Cartographer, Evan Shapiro. 

Our industry is at the crossroads of technological innovation and changing consumer behaviour. With the rise of OTT platforms, changing consumer expectations, and the influence of tech giants, traditional media houses and broadcasters face an imperative to innovate or risk obsolescence.

What future trends must the industry prepare for to stay ahead of the curve and avoid collapse?

Read IBC’s interview with Evan Shapiro.

Pricing, Packaging & Localisation: Differentiating Your Streaming Service in a Crowded Market


Leah Hooper Rosa, Warner Bros. Discovery

The OTT space has become increasingly saturated, with myriad platforms vying for consumer attention. This session (12.15-13.00, 15 September) addresses a crucial business challenge: how to stand out in such a crowded market. 

Beyond just content offerings, pricing and packaging strategies, coupled with effective localisation, can be the difference between gaining loyal subscribers or being lost in the noise.

Join Leah Hooper Rosa, Warner Bros. Discovery and Liza Watts, YouTube Primetime to explore successful case studies and experiences in this space, which can provide valuable insights for businesses seeking to carve a niche or expand their market share.

Discover the Accelerator project: Real Time Interactive Streaming.

Thriving in the FAST Lane: Monetisation for the future of FAST 

Valerio Motti High Res 3X2

Valerio Motti, VP FAST Channels, Fremantle

With subscription fatigue becoming a real concern, FAST (Free Ad-Supported Streaming Television) platforms are emerging as a viable model to cater to audiences seeking variety without added subscription costs. However, the challenge lies in effectively monetising these platforms long-term while ensuring a positive user experience. 

This IBC Conference session (16.15-17.00, 15 September) looks at the business models behind successful FAST platforms and the best strategies for monetisation to ensure long-lasting success beyond the initial boom.

Valerio Motti, VP FAST Channels, Fremantle and Patrick Courtney, SVP, Streaming & Business Development, FUSE Media join Stefan van Engen, Vice President, Content Programming and Partnerships, Xumo and Rachel Koelher, VP of Original Content, Tubi to analyse and discuss the new age of media consumption.

IBC2023 runs from 15-18 September 2023. Catch up on all the news via the IBC365 Live Blog.