As IBC2023 kicks off on Friday September 15, the show will host a series of sessions across multiple stages. 

In The Forum, topics will range from transformative forces in MediaTech to the rise of FAST channels. A track for IBC Technical Papers will dissect the advancements of AI and 5G in media, while The Innovation Stage will explore 5G motion capture, media operations evolution, data management, and the evolution of storytelling. 

The extensive Content Everywhere programme on Day 1 will discuss subjects such as legacy platform limitations, cloud-native architectures and monetisation models. While The Showcase Theatre will focus on the role of GenAI, security in media supply chains, and take a look at Formula 1’s digital platform. Find out more about all this and more below.

IBC Conference 

Starting at 09:30 in The Forum, the IABM session “State of MediaTech” delves deep into the transformative forces in MediaTech. Presented by Lorenzo Zanni, Head of Insight & Analysis, IABM, the session will discuss the impact of macro headwinds, MediaTech investment patterns, and new business models. He’ll be later joined by MediaTech execs to unpack these findings.


Evan Shapiro will talk disruption at the IBC Conference.

By 10:35, the narrative shifts to “Plotting the Effects of Disruption”, Media Cartographer Evan Shapiro will provide an in-depth exploration into the seismic changes rattling the global media ecosystem. Addressing how a culture of adaptability is vital, Shapiro will highlight the new challenges and opportunities.

By the afternoon, at 14:30, the focus moves to “Building the Future of Tech.” A deep dive into the rapid technological advancements, particularly in the streaming sector, will be the highlight here. Nitin Mittal, President Technology at Zee and panelists will examine the creation of new technology platforms, the potential of machine learning, and AI in delivering precise content to viewers.

And for those looking at the newer trends, “Thriving in the FAST Lane”, starting at 16:15, will discuss the rise of FAST channels. The session, lef by Freemantle’s Valerio Motti, is geared towards understanding monetisation strategies that promise longevity and sustainable revenue.

Other sessions include discussions on “Winning Over Gen Alpha” with the BBC’s Fiona Campbell, differentiating streaming services with Leah Hooper Rosa, SVP, Head of Streaming EMEA, Warner Bros. Discovery; examining the role of 5G in media and entertainment, and a detailed look into Pluto TV’s success in the FAST channel arena.

IBC Technical Papers

Starting at 11:00 in E102, the session “How AI is advancing media production” will unravel the potential of AI in media. Discussions include the future of AI in news journalism, a Japanese AI that edits TV programs, and AI-driven background music creation based on scene emotion.

World Cup 2022-ITV and BBC share technical production for first time

Globo will report on its production workflow experiments at the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Following at 12:45, “Live production - next generation technology trials” dives into broadcasters’ experiences with new production workflows. Highlighted trials come from Globo’s experience at the FIFA World Cup 2022, and NHK’s incorporation of Next Generation Audio.

At 14:45, “Live production using 5G networks - ambitious case studies” offers a glimpse into the 1080p mobile coverage used during King Charles III’s coronation in London. Later at 16:00, the session “5G technology - convergence with broadcast” focuses on the advancements in 5G broadcast technology. Contributions come from RAI, Qualcomm, and Dolby, covering hybrid services, hardware reusability, and ETSI’s Technical Report respectively.

Innovation Stage 

Starting at 11:15 on the Innovation Stage in Hall 3, the “5G Motion Capture for Live Performance and 3D Animation” session will explore advancements in motion capture technology for live and 3D performances. This is followed by “The Evolution of Media Operations” at 12:30, dissecting the challenges and shifts in content production, especially the role of cloud-based centralisation and automation in managing increased content demand and decentralised teams.

At 13:15, Snowflake’s session “Breaking Down Data Silos” promises insights on the revolution of the broadcast and streaming supply chain, emphasising data management and new revenue potentials with partners Slalom and AWS. This is followed by “Responsive Narrative Factory” at 14:00, exploring the innovative ways in which storytelling is evolving.

Other sessions include: Dr. Jack Gao and ZEASN’s 15:15 session, “The AI Moment for Smart TV” and “Navigating the Balance,” which discusses innovative broadcasting approaches from the NBA and Producer.IO. Lastly, at 16:45, ITV’s session, featuring Clive Santamaria and Steve Perks, dives into the broadcaster’s transition strategies from linear to addressable TV. 

Content Everywhere

Lots happening on the two Innovation Stages in Hall 5 this year - see the IBC Content Agenda for a full rundown. Highlights include… 

FilmBox Plus

Learn about FilmBox+ smart channels on the Content Everywhere stage.

On Stage 1, “Is legacy platform replacement the next industry trend?” (11:15 - 12:00) is a panel discussion that will delve into the potential of cloud-native architectures and advanced solutions to combat legacy platform limitations. Later, “Scroll Less, Discover More: FilmBox+ smart channels” (12:15 - 12:30) will highlight SPI’s revolutionary move to enhance content distribution through AI-driven personalised channels.

On Stage 2, the panel discussion “Innovations in cloud storage and production – supporting financial and environmental sustainability” (11:45 - 12:30) delves into the implications of cloud storage, addressing both its financial and environmental impact. 

At 13:30 - 14:15, the panel discussion “On the money: How to choose a monetisation model” will discuss the importance of selecting the right monetisation strategy, exploring options beyond traditional advertising. Later in the day (15:00 - 15:15), attendees can witness a live demo of Intertrust’s MarketMaker, showcasing its capabilities in integrating digital assets with blockchain-based smart contracts. 

Showcase Theatre

At 11:00 in Hall 12, the session titled “The Frontier of AI in Media and Entertainment” will delve deep into the transformative role of AI, particularly generative AI, in reshaping the media landscape, from content production to optimising monetisation.

At 14:45, the session “GenAI as a Growth Engine for Content Innovation” promises to unpack the potential of GenAI in the media and studio technology industry. Experts on the panel will address its applications in creating innovative media content, personalising user experiences, and enhancing production efficiency, offering guidance on initiating with GenAI tools.

F1 TV 3x2

The ”Formula 1: Racing through Video” session will examine F1 TV.

Rounding off a day that also sees sessions on “Security in the Modern Media Supply Chain” and “Implementing successful technology strategies for media and entertainment”, “Formula 1: Racing through Video” at 16:45 offers an immersive look into the challenges and triumphs of F1’s digital platform, F1 TV. 

Other sessions of note include a premium interactive round table event at 13:00 titled “Gaming IP and its Meteoric Rise across the Entertainment Industry,” which aims to provide a deep dive into the fusion of gaming, movies, and TV.

Also on 15 September at IBC2023, three key Partner Sessions will take place in E105. From 11:00 - 12:00, “Pathways to Education” will reflect on the Cannes Global VP Summit, emphasising the importance of community building in virtual production. 

At 13:00 - 14:00, “Bridging the Gap” will address challenges in the broadcast industry, exploring ways to enhance tech adoption and creativity. Lastly, from 15:00 - 16:00, the “Low Energy Sustainable Streaming (LESS) Accord” session will spotlight energy efficiency in streaming. This session will discuss the LESS Accord’s initiatives and seek audience input to refine their projects.

Exhibition floor

Out on the Exhibition floor, you can expect the usual hive of activity with stands from the biggest and brightest names in the industry. IBC’s 1,000+ exhibitors this year include industry leaders such as Adobe, Amazon Web Services (AWS), ARRI, Avid, Blackmagic Design, Canon, Comcast, EVS, Fraunhofer, Google, Grass Valley, LTN, Mediakind, Microsoft, NEP Group, Ross Video, Sony, Telstra and many, many more. 

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