Sunday promises to be another packed day of content at IBC2023. The Changemakers programme starts, tackling tech inclusivity and AI ethics, while over on the Innovation Stage, sessions will address piracy, software evolution, and Generative AI in entertainment. 

Don’t miss sustainable video delivery and OTT business solutions sessions at the Showcase Theatre and IBC Awards takes place, honouring the best in Content Creation, Content Distribution, and Content Everywhere categories. Dive into the detail below. 


As the IBC Conference ends, so the Changemakers programme begins, kicking off at 10:00 with the “Inclusive Tech: Vision 2030” session. The conversation here will pivot around the current status of tech and what changes are forthcoming. The session features panellists Rebecca Matthews from ABC, actor and sign language translator Matt Kirby, Sasha Scott of EBU, and Soumya Sriraman from Qurate Retail Group.

Changemaker-Programme-IBC2023 (1)

The Changemaker programme starts in The Forum.

By 11:00, the focus shifts to inclusivity in broadcasting with “The Creative Centipede with an Inclusive Soul”. Dutch storyteller Akwasi Ansah, the driving force behind Omroep ZWART, will share his vision for an equitable and inclusive digital-first landscape.

At 11:45, delve into the people-centric strategies of BBC Studios in “In Conversation with Jabbar Sardar: Putting people first”, highlighting how the company empowers its workforce. Then stick around until 13:00, where Dex Hunter-Torricke of Google DeepMind takes to the stage for a session entitled: “Delving Deeper: Will AI help us solve humanity’s biggest challenges?”

By 13:45, a powerhouse panel discusses “Tech for Good: Digital ethics and responsible AI”, exploring the possibilities and limitations of AI. This is followed at 14:45, by the “Rise Awards 2023 – Shortlist Reveal”, highlighting the trailblazers in broadcast media tech.

Lastly, after “Afternoon Tea, Spill the Tea: An LGBTQ+ panel special” at 15:30, the “Social Impact Awards” celebrate the industry’s willingness to engage with today’s big issues, like sustainability, diversity and wellbeing. 

Innovation Stage

Over on the Innovation stage, the day begins at 10:00 with “Verimatrix and TELUS Showcase First-of-Its Kind Piracy Protections for New Optik TV”. Dive into the groundbreaking anti-piracy systems for VOD and live content delivery developed by Verimatrix and TELUS.

By 10:45, “IBC Accelerators - Produce and Connect Anywhere” introduces the novel concept of detaching software from hardware, allowing efficient use of resources in varied connectivity scenarios.

Moving onto 12:45, Trent Wheeler from Gracenote and Marion Ranchet will conduct a “FAST Talk: A Discussion on Global Expansion Challenges and Opportunities” to explore the global challenges and opportunities surrounding the FAST market.

At 14:45, delve into “How Liverpool FC Leverages Wasabi’s Cloud Storage to Revolutionise Its Media Operation”, learning how an historic football institution forms a strategic digital partnership for enhanced fan engagement. Lastly, at 15:30, “How Generative AI will Change the Entertainment Industry Forever” presents an intimate conversation with Adobe on the challenges and transformative potential of Generative AI in the entertainment realm.

Content Everywhere 

The extensive Content Everywhere programme continues on Stage 1 at 10:15 with “Store less, tag less, save the planet” as Tom Dunning of Ad Signal presents a case study on Clearcast’s content, highlighting carbon and cost savings.


Tom Dunning (Ad Signal) discusses innovations in cloud storage and production.

At 11:45, “A Greener Approach to Video Quality Analysis” is spotlighted. Touchstream presents a revolutionary approach to Video Quality Analysis, emphasising reduced carbon footprints without compromising quality.

“The road map to next generation video experiences” takes place at 12:45, with insights from experts like Kunal Bhandari (Nagarro), Pieter-Jan Speelmans (THEO Technologies), and Cees van Versendaal (Mware) on the future of OTT video services.

At 15:00, the conversation moves to “Reimagine Film Distribution with Web 3 on Smart TV”, introducing Web3 virtual cinema’s role in modern TV. While viewer retention and “Churn management” is discussed by Andreas Waltenspiel and panellists at 15.30. 

The day wraps up at 17:30 with “Ensure you are delivering the highest quality linear, live and on-demand viewing experiences”, detailing Constellation Cloud’s monitoring and QA services for consistent, high-quality delivery.

Over on Stage 2, “Sports Module: Customer experience and monetization” (10:45) unveils MediaHub’s revolutionary sports-focused software, elevating how we consume football content and opening up new revenue opportunities.

content everywhere stage

The variety of sessions on the two Content Everywhere stages is extensive.

At 11:15, the “Panel Discussion: High Performance Sporting Case Studies” gets underway. The SMPTE’s Renard T. Jenkins moderates, with insights from Venugopal Iyengar (Planetcast International), Fabio Mura (V-Nova Services), and Tobias Froehlich (Teravolt) about the technologies enhancing top-tier sports broadcasting.

Other sessions to watch out for include: “Sports Streaming at Scale” (15:00), “The opportunities and limitations for AI” at 16:00, and at 17:30, “How to simultaneously broadcast a linear channel and FAST, meeting market expectations”, which reveals the capabilities of mediaTool, a game-changer in broadcasting multiple channels efficiently.

Note: not all Content Everywhere sessions are included in this preview. A full list can be viewed in the IBC Content Agenda.

Showcase Theatre

The curtains open on Day at 10:30 with “Best Practices in IP Video Delivery and the Cloud for the lowest TCO”. Dive into how global media organisations merge cost-effective solutions with sustainability, reshaping the future of content acquisition and business models.

IBC show floor_showcase theatre outside 1509

Discover the technological innovations transforming the media industry in the Showcase Theatre.

By 11:45, Francesco Venturini from Microsoft presents “Navigating Media’s Next Era of Change”. Alongside Allan Broome of MediaKind, they will be discussing the technological innovations transforming the media industry and their collaboration to catalyse change.

Come 13:30, step into the OTT sphere with “OTT franchise of SWEET.TV: A unique solution to succeed in OTT streaming business”. Discover how SWEET.TV leverages 15 years of experience to offer a groundbreaking OTT business franchise, guiding entrepreneurs from inception to success.

Rounding out the afternoon at 15:30 is “Unlock Efficiency: Streamline Video Production with AI Quick Edits in Wondershare”. Award-winning video editor Jordan Orme will show how AI and Wondershare revolutionise video editing, ensuring quality and efficiency like never before.

Premium Sessions

Key Googlers including Inderpreet Sandhu, Liz Ferguson, and Justin Gupta discuss the role of technology in TV advertising’s future, user experience, and privacy concerns in “Future of TV Advertising Roundtables” at 10:00.

By 12:15, the focus shifts to an “Exclusive Fireside Chat - Wildstar Films”. In this session, Anwar Mamon from Wildstar Films delves into creating high-profile content for global platforms and highlights their diversity and sustainability initiatives.

Closing the day at 18:00, the “IBC Innovation Awards” commences. Celebrating the winners of three categories: Content Creation, Content Distribution, and Content Everywhere, the evening also sees the presentation of the International Honour for Excellence.

Partner Sessions

Day 3 in E102 and E105 begins at 10:00 with “SMPTE: Architecting multi-cloud and on-prem workflows’ solutions for global production needs”. The panel will dive into cloud environments, ST 2110 technology, and the challenges of multi-cloud workflows.

At 11:00, “DAB+ A firm foundation for radio” is the hot topic. The session delves into the transformative power of DAB+ in reshaping radio, emphasising its economic benefits and global success stories.

At 13:00, don’t miss “Scaling TV - The IET John Logie Baird Lectures at IBC”. Led by Ian Nock, Vice Chair - IET Media, and featuring experts like Thierry Fautier, MD - Your Media Transformation, they will discuss the sweeping changes in IP-delivered TV.

Finally, at 14:00, two parallel sessions commence. “Unlocking Sustainability: Innovating a greener future in broadcast and media” explores the path to an eco-friendly media landscape. Meanwhile, in “EDCF: Cinema looks forward to a changing future”, attendees will be immersed in cinema’s post-pandemic recovery, tackling topics from HDR to cybersecurity.

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