ITV Studios and The Virtual Brand Group have launched The Voice Studios, an immersive virtual experience based on the Emmy Award-winning series The Voice.

The free-to-use virtual experience allows fans to create their own music, show off their dancing skills, compete in Battle rounds, test their musical knowledge and audition to be on an upcoming season of the hit series.

4. ITV Studios Launches The Voice in the Metaverse

The Voice Studios: an immersive virtual experience based on The Voice

The Voice Studios launches in Vegas City, a metaverse entertainment destination in Decentraland and follows a The Voice virtual pop-up event last year in the Decentraland Metaverse Music Festival.

Virtual Brand Group known for building immersive experiences, communities and virtual fashion, is collaborating with ITV Studios to develop, build and operate The Voice Studios.

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ITV Studios’ The Voice currently airs in 148 versions around the world.

The Voice Studios is set to launch with five music-themed experiences, including Music Maker, where users can publish a track and compete to win prizes or just make music for fun. Other games include an immersive Musical Treasure Hunt, Dance Off, Rhythm Challenge and Music Trivia.

Fans can play games and navigate The Voice Studios on their own or participate in head-to-head Battles with others vying to be the top Gamer, Dancer and Creator. The fans themselves will get to vote on who ultimately gets crowned the winner in each category.

In a specially created NBC metaverse fan zone, fans of the show will be able to audition and win limited edition virtual clothing exactly like celebrity coaches Kelly Clarkson, Chance the Rapper, Niall Horan and Blake Shelton gift to their teams on the primetime show. The initiative is timed to debut with the final weeks of NBC’s 23rd season of The Voice.

Lucie Stoffers, Head of Brand Licensing, Global Partnerships, at ITV Studios, said: “While very few people get to be in a studio where The Voice is being recorded, let alone receive a tailored gift from their favorite Coach, it will now be possible for all fans to get access and have fun in this new immersive experience.”

“The Voice Studios is the future of entertainment, fashion and youth culture marketing,” said Justin W. Hochberg, CEO of the Virtual Brand Group. “Last fall, in ‘The Voice’s’ first metaverse experience, fans spent an average of 49 minutes, and we were able to generate 13 times more engagement than typical social media platforms. Building the next generation that is bigger and better for the show, advertisers and fans was the obvious logical step.”

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