Cinematic camera specialist Arri has demonstrated its commitment to the live event production space with the launch of the new Alexa 35 Live - Multicam System.

Unveiled at NAB 2024 in Las Vegas, the new camera brings the cinematic image quality of the company’s flagship Alexa 35 camera to the world of live productions.

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Alexa 35 Live camera

The system integrates into existing live production environments, providing the full functionality of a system camera while retaining the flexibility of a dockable camera setup. The Alexa 35 Live - Multicam System combines the Alexa 35 Live camera with a new live production system LPS-1 (comprising a fibre camera adapter and fibre base station), the Skaarhoj RCP, and a new range of bespoke accessories including the Arri Touchdown base and receiver plates, an adjustable monitor yoke, an extra-long camera handle, a tally light with camera ID display, a rain cover, and a new, quick-fit Arri Large Lens Adapter for rapid setup with box lenses.

Supporting the current trend in live productions, the Super 35-sized 4K sensor enables shallow depth of field. Capturing 17 stops of dynamic range, it handles extreme lighting situations for the best results in SDR and HDR.

Full-quality ProRes can be recorded in-camera during live productions, providing flexibility in post. The in-camera recording also permits stand-alone operation of the camera, without the Fiber Camera Adapter. The modular lens mount can be switched between LPL, PL, EF, and B4, facilitating a wide choice of lenses for different applications. Alexa 35 Live owners can even upgrade to full Alexa 35 functionality via an optional Cine License.

Alongside its live production shading controls, the Alexa 35 Live - Multicam System provides additional creative options including Arri Look Files, with 87 pre-made looks from the built-in Arri Look Library that can be activated at the push of a button, and Arri Textures, a unique method to modify grain and contrast. The camera includes five multicam and eight cine-style Arri Textures.

Marc Shipman-Mueller, Senior Product Manager, Arri, said, “This is a major commitment by Arri in the live entertainment sector. We’re taking big steps here and have thrown a lot of resources at this now and in the future. The goal is to deliver the cinematic Arri look to live productions, but we also realise that we have to integrate with the live production infrastructure and we’ve made sure we can do that now [with the Alexa 35 Live - Multicam System].”

L-Series Plus lighting

Arri also demonstrated its latest generation of LED Fresnels with the new L-Series Plus. The new model is up to 90% brighter than the original L-Series and features direct network data input and SkyPanel intuitive onboard control interface. It also retains features such as continuous focusability from spot to flood; a smooth, homogenous light field; and complete control over the colour and intensity of light.

The ARRI L-Series Plus fixtures come in two sizes: the L5-C Plus features a five-inch, while the L7-C Plus features a seven-inch Fresnel lens. Existing barndoors and all other L-Series accessories are fully compatible with the new Plus range. L5-C Plus and L7-C Plus fixtures will be available from June 2024 in blue and silver or sleek all-black, with either a manual or PO yoke. The existing L-Series (L5-C, L7-C, L10-C) will be discontinued upon the release of L-Series Plus.

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