Project pitches on the most progressive challenges in 2024 across the M&E industry have been revealed for the IBC Accelerators Kickstart Day as 12 shortlisted projects have been announced.

Collaborative teams across the M&E and broadcast technology sector will present their unique real-world issues that they have identified, proposed testing systems, overall aims and desired solutions to a panel of judges on 6 March at the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) London.


IBC Accelerators Kickstart 2024 at the IET

Addressing the most current and dynamic challenges the industry faces, Participants and Champions from a range of innovative organisations are set to present their projects which span the themes of: tackling the environmental impact of media consumption; meeting ever-changing audience needs; low latency and XR in live entertainment; disarming fake news; using generative AI in real-time events; rights and permissions in AI talent workflows; an extension of the CAPA Accelerator 2023; and Generative AI in production.

On the day, the Programme Leads will also announce the winning project from the 2023 Accelerator Media Innovation Programme and present a prize to the team.

The 2024 Kickstart Day pitches, in no particular order:

ECOFLOW Energy-Conserving Optimisation for Future-Ready, Low-Impact Online Workflows

Proposed by Humans Not Robots and Accedo   Supported by Champions: ITV, BBC and RTL

This project team aims to tackle the environmental impact of media consumption to determine and demonstrate opportunities to make media more sustainable at major steps of the end-to-end technology supply chain, into a unified user experience.

Evolution of the Control Room: Leveraging XR, Voice and AI for Live Media Production

Proposed by Champions TRANSMIXR, ITN, with Support from Champions TUS, TV2, TG4, HSLU, TCD, University of Strathclyde

Building upon the work of last year’s Gallery Agnostic Media Production IBC Accelerator, this new challenge aims to optimise the workflow using XR Technology and AI Solutions, enabling the production team to realise their creative vision without advanced technical expertise. 

Scalable Ultra-Low Latency Streaming for Premium Sports  

Proposed by Comcast

This project aims to achieve Twitter-equivalent latency and a near-instant playback start using standard existing HTTP streaming technical stack and infrastructure, exploring an end-to-end system comprising an encoder, a latency-optimized origin, and a mix of open source and proprietary DASH players.  

Connecting Live Performances of the Future with Sub-100ms Synchronised Low-Latency AVLM

Proposed By: D&B Solutions/White Light Studios (PARTICIPANT) and Strathclyde University (CHAMPION); Supported by Champions BBC, University of Strathclyde

This project aims to develop a solution for delivering all data between venues for dynamically visual and object-based audio live performances - in sync and with ultra-low latency – and enable synchronised and/or distributed performances between multiple locations across the world. 

Design your Weapons in the Fight Against Disinformation

Proposed by Champions BBC, CBS/Paramount   

This team will look to establish and develop an industry-wide understanding on the challenges and abuses being faced today by all media outlets in identifying misinformation and helping audiences identify trustworthy news, through the most effective interventions and collaboration.

Changing the Game: Predictive Generative AI

Proposed by Champions Verizon

To help the M&E industry envision new workflows, this team will attempt to leverage large language models (LLMs), tailored datasets and computer vision housed in a Private 5G network, to enable and generate predictive and authentic video and audio during a live-action event.

Digital Replica Provenance Automation for AI Talent Workflows

Proposed by HAND Human & Digital

By offering a distinct and standardised identification framework, this project aims to streamline the authentication process, ensuring reliable verification of real individuals, virtual avatars, and fictional entities, tackling rights and permissions in AI talent workflows in today’s digital landscape.

Connect and Produce Anywhere - Phase II   

Proposed by Champions BBC, SKY Sports, BT Media & Broadcast, DAZN, TV2 and Vodafone  

Following the build and development of an all IP, Edge-first, multi-cloud, multi-software test bed environment in the CAPA Accelerator 2023, the project team is now positioned to implement and road test the solution on some real-world live event production with varying degrees of bandwidth.

Solving the IP Identity Crisis

Proposed by Atos (Eviden) and BBC – Supported by Champions BBC, EBU, IMG, Solent University

This Accelerator proposal looks to gather data, test and implement solutions from across the industry to establish current obstacles in media workflows when moving to IP infrastructure within broadcast facilities.

Generative AI in Action

Proposed by Champions RAI, EBU

This challenge focuses on using Generative AI for content production and explores the integration and impact of Generative Artificial Intelligence (Generative AI) in a production centre environment, revolutionising broadcasters’ workflows.  

HTML-Based Graphics for Multi-Platform Production

Proposed by Champions TV2 & BBC

This project aims to develop a modular graphics solution that supports multi-platform, multi-delivery options and synergy between digital and traditional linear broadcast platforms, using industry-standard graphics to achieve brand assurance and the optimal production flow.

AI Audience Validation Assistant (AAVA)

Proposed by Champions Zwart – Supported by Champion BNNVARA  

This project combines extensive audience data with advanced AI to blend and transform content creation, involving the audience in the development process and exploring solutions to turn passive viewers into active contributors through AI-driven personas.