Bruno Corsini, Co-founder of French virtual production studio Plateau Virtuel, told IBC2023 that successful virtual production is about combining the right technology with the right creative skills.  

Speaking on the Innovation Stage, Corsini said: “You need professional cameras and displays, but you also need a very strong human-based experience – somebody who has the capability to bring the technology together.  

D3 Sony Plateau Virtuel Innovation Stage Bruno Corsini Fabien Pisano 1

Caption (L-R):  Bruno Corsini, Co-founder at Plateau Virtuel; Fabien Pisano, Head of Sales, Sony Imaging Products & Solutions 

“Set designers are scared that virtual production is the end of set design, but no – we need those skills. In fact, the whole team is growing and there are more people on the set. 

“There’s no doubt that the most important part is the human skills on the set. Each shoot is different – for me, the most important part is the foreground, for which we need good constructors, and good set designers.  

“The DOP’s work is also very important – they need to understand where the light is coming from and to match the screen light and what is coming from the foreground. They have to choose certain cameras and certain lenses. They have to understand that the viewing angle is very important, and the importance of colour matching.”   

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He added: “The market is growing, but the future is for film and TV series. We need to explain to directors that it could be a good solution.” 

Corsini has worked with Sony’s high-end Venice camera-capture technology to create a 90sqm LED display to create backgrounds for high-end film, commercials and TV.  

Fabien Pisano, Head of Sales at Sony Imaging Products & Solutions, added that successful virtual production was about having the right components in place from LED displays to high-end cameras.  

Sony joined forces with Plateau Virtuel, a subsidiary of the Novelty-Magnum-Dushow Group, last year to create a virtual studio with a 90sqm Sony Crystal LED B-series screen (18m wide x 5m high), housed at Seine-Saint-Denis, north of Paris, France. 

The project delivers VP solutions for producers and cinematographers, based around Sony Crystal LED display technology combined with Venice camera capture technology. 

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