Amazon’s Prime Video has the lowest churn rate of the largest major streaming services in North America, according to new research by Park Associates.

Prime Video churn rate stands at 8%, according to Parks Associates’ data from its quarterly consumer survey of 8,000 US and Canadian internet households.

3. Churn research.Prime Video

Prime Video has the lowest churn rate of major streaming services in North America

By comparison, streaming service Discovery+ is nearly at 43% according to Park Associates whose Streaming Video Tracker tracks churn data for 89 total services.

The churn rate is the number of OTT service subscribers that cancel or let their subscription lapse.

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“Churn is part of the standard business model, but companies are working hard to minimise it and keep consumers engaged longer,” said Eric Sorensen, Director, Streaming Video Tracker, Parks Associates. “Amazon Prime Video has held the lowest churn rate for the last two years because it is included with Prime; however, Netflix continues to creep closer and reduce churn by adding more tiers of service and syndicated content.”

“Streaming services are navigating a mature market where retention and referrals, as well as partnerships and brand loyalty are critical,” Sorensen added.

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