Sony has opened a virtual production studio in Shanghai, China, that will be used to shoot film, TV and commercials.

The studio opened last month and is jointly operated with Gwantsi, one of China’s largest commercials production companies, reported US trade Variety.

3. Sony Opens VP Studio in China

Sony opens virtual production studio in Shanghai, China

The studio is Sony’s third virtual production facility, along with studios in Japan and the US.

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The Shanghai studio has an 83 square metre screen that uses Sony Black Color Crystal B series LED screens with a height of 5.47 meters and an arc length of 15.2 meters, combined with the company’s CineAltaV 2 movie camera, a Sony 4K HDR monitor and an Epic engine for VP. Other innovations allow wide angle filming, close-up filming, two-camera operation and software that controls the LED’s color temperature.

“Sony aims to empower the creators in virtual production by providing advanced technology, products, and solutions. Sony and Gwantsi share the same vision for the industry and a strong sense of responsibility and mission, both are making joint efforts to build a high-quality virtual production studio in China, and contribute to China’s virtual filming,” Sony said in a statement to Variety.

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