• Synamedia to show how to tackle piracy  
  • “Outsmart the pirates” discussion part of Synamedia’s IBC SHOWCASE session 
  • IBC SHOWCASE will take place 8-11 September at IBC.org 


Synamedia: To tackle piracy in its online session on September 8th

The subject of piracy will be top of the agenda during Synamedia’s IBC SHOWCASE session on Tuesday 8 September.  

IBC SHOWCASE, the virtual event that will take place 8-11 September at ibc.org, will feature tech leaders discussing key industry topics during sessions led by Synamedia, Intel, Red Bee Media, Dell Technologies, Equinix and Microsoft. 

Synamedia’s Outsmarting the pirates – An intelligence led approach session will explore the global problem of piracy, which Synamedia says is taking place on an industrial scale led by sophisticated players who are continuously upping their game with robust, savvy operations and smart technologies to exploit vulnerabilities at every link of the distribution chain. 

Leading the discussion on behalf of Synamedia will be the company’s senior vice president, Security Yael Fainaro. In her role, Fainaro is responsible for Synamedia’s Security Group as well as heading the Business Operations Group and acting as chief of staff for the business.  

The session at 14:00 on Tuesday 8 September will examine how to outwit and shut the pirates down requires a multi-faceted approach with intelligence at its core. Synamedia will set out how, with a blend of human and digital intelligence, it is possible to build a comprehensive and detailed picture of the complex and constantly evolving pirate ecosystem.  

This intelligence can then be used to crack piracy operations, upset the economics of their business models, and identify emerging trends in preparation for the next wave. 

According to Synamedia: “Anti-piracy technologies, policies and legal frameworks are all informed by this deep intelligence. This ensures that as an industry we adopt the right strategies and technologies to combat the growing piracy threat. And importantly that we can measure success in tackling it too.” 

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