How will remote production change the way sports broadcasters operate?

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Technical advancements are changing the face of sports broadcasting. Watch IBC365’s first webinar of 2018 to explore how you can overcome any technical and operational challenges to embrace the benefits of remote production. An unmissable opportunity to learn from and engage with industry experts. Join the discussion to:

  • Get an update on the latest tools and techniques used by market leaders to deliver high quality, immersive and engaging viewing experiences

  • Understand how remote production is changing the way sports broadcasters operate

  • Learn how you can embrace the benefits of remote production

  • Hear from industry experts from VISTA Worldlink and Tata Communications

  • Have your say with interactive live polling and Q&A

Remote production gives broadcasters the ability to produce live broadcasts at a distance from the actual event, by sending raw camera feeds, audio and equipment control over a telecom infrastructure to a central studio facility.

It helps to generate high volume of sports content economically, thereby improving productivity and efficiency for sports broadcasters.

Today, for any live event, about 30-40 people travel to each location with kit and other equipment to produce the broadcast feed at the venue. This is not only expensive but also logistically a nightmare. 

By producing feeds remotely at a central location only a handful of camera crew would have to travel while the technical director, commentator and other key crew members can finalise production at a central location.

In this webinar we explore how broadcasters and production companies can overcome any technical and operational challenges to embrace the benefits of remote production.


Jeremy Dujardin

Jeremy Dujardin

Jeremy Dujardin, CTO, Media Services, Tata Communications

Jeremy Dujardin is a video transmission industry expert with 15+ years of experience designing, implementing and operating infrastructures that support both contribution and distribution video services across fiber, IP and satellite technology.


Dhaval Ponda

Dhaval Ponda

Dhaval Ponda, Global Sales Head, Media Services, Tata Communications

Dhaval Ponda was part of the founding team for media & entertainment business at Tata Communications. Having led an aggressive growth of the business, with acquisition of over 150 logos, Dhaval heads up the sales and business development efforts globally.



Josh Liemer, VP Creative Services, VISTA Worldlink

Josh Liemer

Josh Liemer

Josh Liemer is the Vice President of VISTA Worldlink and has been at the forefront of the development of VISTA’s emerging technology, providing Internet Broadcasting, FTP and Video-on-Demand services and delivers world class digital archiving services.