Episode 0: Behind the scenes with the change navigators

Featuring: Nadira Tudor, Journalist & Broadcaster & Sarah Burbedge, Executive Producer

Nadira Tudor is an international multimedia broadcast journalist, presenter, host and moderator. Currently working across a broad range of projects including corresponding for Channel 5 News, presenting on Times Radio & TalkTV (News UK) and as a journalist & moderator for a number of companies including Reuters Plus, Fujitsu, Microsoft, Purina/Nestle and Thomson Reuters to name but a few. She is a former News Anchor and Correspondent for International news; former BBC Presenter & Reporter and former Anchor & Presenter for a number of smaller international niche channels and social network platforms.

In 2015, she won the highly prestigious Asian Professional Award for Media and previously, an Innovation Award for the BBC, as well as receiving a nomination for the Mental Health awards whilst presenting for BBC Radio 1Xtra.

IBC Changemakers Podcast 3x2

IBC Changemakers Podcast