Romanian media enterprise Aleph Media has chosen Etere to upgrade its end-to-end newsroom workflow.


Etere: Etere Ecosystem enables a new integrated and more efficient way of working

Over 150 journalists are utilising Etere Ecosystem’s integrated framework of software solutions, including scheduling, playout, media asset management, resource management, ingestion, logging, newsroom, subtitle and closed captions. With Etere Ecosystem in place, the station is equipped with a reliable, efficient and professional news broadcasting system that is capable of managing Aleph Media’s dynamic and fast-moving workflows.

The setup features Etere Nunzio Newsroom, an integrative newsroom software that manages the complete workflow, from the planning of stories to playout. Nunzio features real-time updates, co-ordinated multi-media planning and collaboration across all production units. From delivery to editing, Nunzio streamlines the newsroom workflow by managing content and metadata effectively, allowing easy access to content, selection of shots and assembly of stories.

With real-time updates on EtereWeb and the Nunzio Newsroom mobile app, journalists at Aleph Media enjoy the flexibility to plan stories, search for media assets, set appointments and tasks, approve news stories and manage workflows even while on the move.

Nunzio includes Etere Media Asset Management, which provides Aleph Media with complete control of the entire media lifecycle. Its active-directory integrative user rights model enables each user and user group to have unique rights according to department and functions. The software solution manages the end-to-end stages of ingest, transcoding, content retrieval, metadata association, resource management and asset distribution. With its automated transfers, copy and data mover features, Etere MAM streamlines the workflow for a more effective performance and higher cost-efficiency. Not only that, with Etere T-Workflow, Aleph Media is able to design workflows, define broadcasting rules and have the system integrate perfectly into their production environment.

Etere ensures the accuracy of data imported and exported through the system with Etere F90, which facilitates a fully automated and paperless information exchange between systems. Its auto-update engine consistently analyses playlists changes and uploads approved updates automatically. The system enables the TV station to automate processes and ensure accuracy even when dealing with a large volume of data exchanges. Moreover, Etere SNMP Console helps the TV operators at Alpeh Media to monitor and optimise all processes and devices from a single software interface in real-time. The software helps operators to be notified of potential problems immediately and to perform diagnostic tests that keep the system running seamlessly at all times.

With the integration of Etere’s Subtitling and Closed Caption Tool, the team at Aleph Media is able to manage the end-to-end process of creation, management, burning, playout and conversion of multi-language subtitles and closed captions from the same interface without the need for third-party systems.

Newsroom journalists are able to perform edits from the integrated video editor, including creating animated titles, effects and audio. Additionally, Nunzio Newsroom integrates seamlessly with the Etere Plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro. This allows Aleph Media to have a full integration between Etere database and Etere Adobe Premiere Pro without switching between applications.

Aleph Media also leverages the flexibility of Etere ETX channel in a box software to manage the playout of its channels. With its open IP architecture. ETX gives Aleph Media the freedom to have an unlimited number of streams with the software’s support for virtual machines. It incorporates all the software features needed to bring a channel on-air, including scheduling, ingest, storage, file management, monitoring, playout, subtitle management, CG and graphics within a software. ETX is a client server application and ETX servers are controlled remotely by multiple clients to provide redundancy and a high level of fault-tolerance.

Aleph Media is also equipped with multi-channel viewing software Etere ETX-M Multiviewer, which integrates seamlessly with ETX to provide an ultra HD display of unlimited video sources on a single platform. It displays up to 9 sources simultaneously on an integrated display which includes features such as automated loudness control, countdown timer to the next event, multiple world clock displays and time zones monitor.

Finally, the system includes Etere Memory, a compliance logger that records and stores all transmitted media files in a low-res format to fulfil any compliance recording laws.