GatesAir has announced its new Intraplex IP Link 100e, the company’s first modular plug-in card built for integration within radio transmitters. 


Helpful: The IP Link 100e can receive FM and digital radio content directly within Flexiva transmitters

The 100e is purpose-built to receive FM and digital radio content directly within GatesAir Flexiva transmitters. The module is added to Flexiva FAX exciters to receive and feed AES67 and other AoIP formats directly to the exciter. GatesAir said the smaller, integrated form factor reduces the cost of using Intraplex AoIP transport at the transmitter site because no separate hardware codec is required, and this frees a 1RU equipment rack slot for auxiliary equipment.

The module retains all functionality associated with IP Link codecs. In addition to GatesAir’s traditional connectivity, the IP Link 100e builds GatesAir’s Dynamic Stream Splicing (DSS) software into the module. DSS software sends multiple identical streams over the same network or two separate paths, and each stream borrows data from companion streams to avoid service interruptions from packet loss. The IP Link 100e supports the SRT (secure reliable transport) protocol and provides failover service to Icecast or locally stored audio for optimal reliability, said the company. The module also provides storage for programme content and full duplex capability, allowing engineers to monitor signals off-air.

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