Norwegian video processing platforms company Appear TV has added new video networking features to its X Platform.

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Appear TV: Operators can select between high capacity IP and ASI modules

Two software-defined modules newly complement the existing range that Appear TV claims deliver new services at unprecedented quality levels and enable operators to tap into the latest standards within the communication universe. 

Operators can select between high capacity IP and ASI modules, each handling up to 2,000 services. The IP module supports standards such as SMPTE 2022-6 and SMPTE 2110 with PTP and 40GbE interfaces, so operators can securely utilise the full potential of their network. The X Platform is also said to provide latency-optimised compression featuring TICO, JPEG2K, AVC and HEVC at up to UHD resolution with flexible HDR support. Since most functions are software-defined, common hardware can be used and re-purposed to new roles instantly. 

To ensure an outstanding ownership experience, Appear TV says, regular software releases deliver a continuous stream of important feature upgrades for new and existing X Platform operators. These range from quality assurance aids such as traffic policing, real-time network monitoring and fully configurable source redundancy switching (with a fully seamless TS switching mode) through to the implementation of new streaming options using SRT and Zixi. Appear TV says it also provides advanced input monitoring for all inputs, delivering an insight into a network previously thought impossible. 

According to the company, the flexibility, security and remote traffic management capabilities are so advanced on the X Platform that it is seen by many as the only true universal appliance in existence today, covering virtually all roles within the contribution, distribution and DTH streaming space. It even, Appear TV claims, seamlessly bridges technologies as diverse as IP and satellite and powerful remote monitoring, policing, redundancy and control functions allow the product to be placed anywhere, even at the remotest limited access sites. 

Thomas Lind, product director at Appear TV, said: “The X Platform provides patented lossless redundancy and quality assurance unrivalled in the industry. Our new modules combined with the latest features solidify the X Platform’s position as the front runner in the video compression and networking domain.”