Norway’s Appear TV has announced new HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) features and appliance availability for its AVC and HEVC software-based video compression.

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Appear TV: HLS Push extends the landscape of scenarios where the software transcoder can be applied

This will deliver live and file transcoding for OTT, IPTV and VOD. It is designed for customers looking for on-premise OTT transcoding with direct delivery to CDNs and cloud packagers.

With HLS Push available in the latest release, adding to the existing file, TSoIP, SRT and HLS Pull output options, the landscape of scenarios where the software transcoder can be applied is extended, Appear notes. Also supporting SCTE35 detection and IDR frame insertion, the transcoder is said to be ideal for distribution with dynamic ad insertion. Further strengthening the features associated with HLS, the company says, teletext to Web Video Text Tracks (WebVTT) conversion supplements the subtitle burn-in feature.

For increased operational efficiency, the latest software release includes a complete end-to-end VOD workflow integration with Appear’s Adaptive Bitrate Server (ABR) and the Nagra GO Live turnkey OTT solution, creating what Appear describes as an effortless environment for transcoding and publishing VOD content and associated data.

For added simplicity, customers can now choose between running the software on their own infrastructure or purchase pre-configured appliances. Appear TV offers appliance models with different densities, and the power required to run HEVC transcoding up to UHD with HDR.