Ateme has integrated the second-generation Audio Video Standard (AVS2) into its Titan range of products. AVS2 is the digital audio and video compression standard formulated by the Audio and Video Coding Standard Workgroup of China which aims to meet the needs of China’s audio and video industry.


Ateme: AVS2 has been integrated into the Titan range

By integrating AVS2 into Titan, Ateme says it is reinforcing its commitment to the Chinese market. The move comes as the Chinese video industry market continues to face a changing landscape with an increasing number of cable operators powering UHD broadcast and OTT services.

Positioned as an alternative solution to HEVC or AV1 on the Chinese market, AVS2’s primary application is Ultra HD video, supporting the efficient compression of ultra-high-resolution (4K and above) and HDR.

Xiao Zhang, sales director, Ateme, commented: “Our technology powers hundreds of 4K broadcast channels worldwide and our solutions are highly scalable for HDR. The full control of these technologies not only grants unmatched performance but also a high level of flexibility. With AVS2 integrated into our Titan solution line, we’re reaffirming our commitment to our Chinese customers and giving them the tools they need to offer unparalleled video quality in what is an increasingly competitive landscape.”