BBC Studios (BBCS) and its subsidiary UKTV have selected SES to manage the playout and distribution of over 50 linear channels and their associated VOD services, SES has announced.


SES: To deliver BBCS and UKTV content to a network of affiliates globally and in the UK

SES will provide playout, content processing, distribution, and VOD services, delivering BBCS and UKTV content to a network of affiliates globally and in the UK. These services will be based on the SES European global delivery services with technical playout infrastructure provided from its new Stockley Park facility in London and with its Munich playout facility overseeing operational management.

BBCS is the commercial production and distribution arm of the BBC, crafting over 2,500 hours of content every year, and is focused on promoting the creative talent of the BBC and the UK internationally. UKTV is a wholly owned subsidiary of BBCS and its channels span comedy, entertainment, natural history, factual, and drama.

Marcus Arthur, president UK, Ireland BBC Studios and CEO, UKTV, said: “Our UK and global audiences and advertisers expect seamlessly delivered high-quality services, and in the transforming world of broadcast we need flexibility and responsiveness to meet ever-changing audience demands. By selecting SES, we believe we have found a partner that is committed to delivering innovation and can meet our business needs going into the future.”

Steve Collar, CEO of SES, said: “We are truly excited to be delivering a complete set of video services to BBCS. Our [London and Munich] service delivery approach is specially crafted so that broadcasters and production houses like BBCS and UKTV can focus on producing great content while we take care of the content preparation, playout, and delivery. This dual-facility approach is fundamental to our success in ensuring that we have always-on, fully backed-up content delivery services and will enable us to provide the highest quality of service for BBCS.”