Etere has secured the playout project for Bokeo TV in Laos, with the Etere Ecosystem providing flexible management and enhancing business continuity in the face of current and future challenges in the industry.


Etere: The Etere Ecosystem is being utilised by Bokeo

The project includes Etere Media Asset Management (MAM), which is designed to streamline process of ingest, index, storage and retrieval of digital assets across the end-to-end media workflow. Etere T-Workflow is at the heart of the Etere Ecosystem and is an essential component of Etere MAM that allows users to design broadcasting structures and processes which can be run automatically.

Moreover, Etere offers multi-platform support with EtereWeb, a secure web platform that allows Bokeo to perform all the main features of the PC applications on any internet browser. With one-step authenticated login, users can perform a wide range of operations on the move.

Also being utilised is Etere Resources Management, a centralised management console that connects media files, processes and resources for enhanced operational efficiency and maximised profitability. It is an all-in-one framework for the management of all activities and human resources across different departments and even external sources.

Etere Executive Scheduling empowers Bokeo to plan its broadcast schedules with flexibility and efficiency. It enables the preparation of the schedule grid in advance based on planned placement of programmes, series, promos and commercials, even prior to the acquisition of content. Etere ensures planned schedules are inter-linked with all associated licensed content, contractual commercials, imported materials and regional ad insertions. In addition, the solution is tightly integrated with Etere Automation for a seamless operation.