The Intraplex IP Link 100c from GatesAir is a new compact hardware codec built for remote contribution and standard STL IP connections that adopts a cost-reducing strategy within a standard hardware codec.


Space and Cash: the aim was to make both the cost and footprint of the remote/STl product small

GatesAir claims to have halved the form factor to better serve portable applications, providing a half-rack-unit footprint well-suited for remote broadcast and studio-to-studio applications. The codec design includes a DC power supply, allowing broadcasters to quickly plug in and stream program audio for sports contribution, live remotes and news coverage.

The IP Link 100c is also suitable for STL service, particularly as an affordable backup for primary STL connections, or for delivery to Icecast streaming servers. Like many IP Link products, the IP Link 100c codec integrates standard Intraplex features such as dynamic stream splicing software, SRT protocol support, and three separate network ports.