On the company’s stand at IBC, DEV Systemtechnik is talking to visitors about how it has successfully tested its DEV 6871 DOCSIS 3.1 Remote-MACPHY system with a wide range of DOCSIS 3.1 modems in an interoperability test session hosted by Excentis in Ghent, Belgium.

The DEV 6871 DOCSIS 3.1 Remote-MACPHY system found to be interoperable

The DEV 6871 DOCSIS 3.1 Remote-MACPHY system found to be interoperable

The company notes that R-MACPHY/R-CCAP systems benefit from the fact that the systems not only support PHY features, but also provide full CMTS/Edge-QAM functionality in a single remote node - avoiding exchange of critical control and timing traffic among three different units in the signal chain in conventional CMTS–R-PHY topologies.

As a result, DEV was able to confirm Gigabit speed load traffic within very short set up times with all modem vendors, regardless of the modem vendor’s chipset platform.

DEV was also able to confirm key DOCSIS 3.1 features such as different MDD-controlled US/DS frequency splits; general connectivity (ranging, probing) and interoperability with all present modem types; different modulation profiles; different OFDM settings (FFT, cyclic prefix, windowing); and mixed US/DS channel scenarios (SC-QAM, OFDM, OFDMA).

DEV Systemtechnik develops and manufactures a range of products and systems for optical and electrical transmission of radio frequency (RF) and broadband signals via coaxial cable or fibre.

DEV Systemtechnik is exhibiting at IBC2019 on Stand 5.B68.