In order to meet the needs of today’s customers, Aruban telecoms provider SETAR recently set out to create a high-speed internet infrastructure, enabling next generation services with the focus on interactive TV/video.


Divitel: Supports SETAR with its new IPTV/OTT platform

It turned to Divitel to support the transformation and operation of its new IPTV/OTT platform.

SETAR was looking for a video delivery domain expert to partner so they could remain focused on their core day-to-day commercial activities. It also wanted to be able to migrate its remaining COAX customers to fibre at their own pace, so the new interactive TV service had to be able to run on both infrastructures. The new platform also had to provide the high quality and intuitive OTT experiences consumers expect.

Divitel worked with SETAR to create a new architecture that includes catch-up TV, pause live TV, restart TV, HD TV, advanced VoD stores, including movie VoD and HBO Series, network PVR, reaching viewers anytime, anywhere through a set-top box, Android and iOs apps. Integrations of middleware backend, frontend, transcoding, DRM, CDN and set-top box were also carried out and deployed in accordance with the Scaled Agile Framework methodology.

The hybrid solution made it possible to run the new interactive TV platform on fibre, mobile and HFC infrastructures.

In addition, in order to improve in-home connectivity, the new ecosystem includes managed mesh WiFi technology which provides real-time visibility and control into subscribers’ in-home connectivity. SETAR can resolve and prevent problems in the TV and internet environment remotely for improved customer service while reducing the costs related to technician roll outs.

Since SETAR wanted to focus on its core business, Divitel co-manages all day-to-day activities remotely from the Divitel Operating Center in the Netherlands.

Raul Ponson, sector manager, technical affairs at SETAR, said: We are committed to bringing the newest technologies, apps, products and services for the island of Aruba, and that is why we have partnered with Divitel to provide our customers with the most advanced platform on the market.”