DPG Media Belgium has added QMusic to the list of channels utilising OmniPlayer. The production and playout system is already in use at several online themed and DAB+ channels within the media company.


Omniplayer: QMusic is the latest station to switch to OmniPlayer

This summer, ‘alternative’ station Willy also switched to OmniPlayer; it will be followed next month by pop station Joe.

Jonas Delnoy, tech lead, Radio at DPG Media, is happy with the arrival of OmniPlayer at QMusic: “Our co-operation with M&I Broadcast Services has been smooth throughout the entire process. They know their product and take ownership very seriously. The M&I engineers feel like an extension to our own team, as communication is very transparent. We’re looking forward to the future of making even better radio with the help of OmniPlayer.”

OmniPlayer is a product of M&I Broadcast Services. The Dutch company is a leading supplier of radio broadcasting software in the Netherlands, with many regional and nationwide stations using the software to create, manage, edit, playout and broadcast their content, news and music.

Francis Hooijen, sales engineer at M&I Broadcast Services, said: “We have already migrated stations Willy and QMusic to our system and the next station, Joe, will go ‘on-air’ with OmniPlayer next month. The co-operation with DPG Media has been great and the transition for the DJs has gone smoothly. With both DPG Media and RTL Belgium, we now have two major media companies using the OmniPlayer software in Belgium. Hopefully, there will be more companies to follow in the near future!”