New at IBC this year is Globecast Managed Cloud Network (Globecast MCN).

This, the company says, is a response to pressures across the sports broadcasting market to be able to deliver specific/different feeds, cost-effectively, that affiliates can select, rather than having to deliver all feeds to all affiliates.

Walker: Globecast supplies an end-to-end solution

Walker: Globecast supplies an end-to-end solution

Globecast MCN is designed to allow multiple feeds to be distributed globally via the cloud. This, Globecast explains, means affiliates can air content specific to them without the additional cost of more fibre- or satellite-delivered content. As competitions move from location to location, Globecast MCN is also said to provide a very simple way to deliver content without the need for onsite transmission logistics, with processing and management complexity handled in the cloud.

Juliet Walker, chief marketing officer, said: “Globecast supplies an end-to-end solution, including signal monitoring via dedicated 24x7 MCRs, content security and transport layers. This can include the management of affiliates via a Globecast-provided 24/7 helpdesk. Meanwhile, Globecast cloud routing allows affiliates to request only the feed(s) they need to save bandwidth costs.

Globecast MCN sits alongside Globecast BN, the company’s fibre backbone solution, and Globecast XN, its public internet suite of services.

Globecast is exhibiting at IBC2019 on Stand 1.A29.