WorldCast Systems has created a new home broadcast package to help radio talent broadcast professional quality content from their home studios. 

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Basement broadcast: The package allows broadcast-grade audio, low latency and cost savings

The company says that its APT Home Broadcast Package is a practical, low latency, reliable way to broadcast radio content between the home studio to the radio station studio.

The solution is composed of a home studio set with one APT IP codec, two 3G/4G Netgear modems, and a SureStream license. It is paired with one other APT IP codec located at the radio station. All users need to complete the package and broadcast live back to their station is a small mixer, headphone, mic, any SIM card, and their home network, says WorldCast.

The company claims that the system’s latency is so low that multiple radio hosts can broadcast simultaneously from different locations and/or engage with callers routed through the studio. Reliable audio transport is assured thanks to the company’s apt-X algorithm (concatenation resistant) and SureStream technology, which utilises dual 4G public internet links or any other IP link. Broadcasters can use any SIM card. WorldCast claims the package is less expensive than other systems and can be delivered to an end user within 48 hours, fully pre-configured.