Inetsat has invested in the new Colorado line of ASI/SDI combo cards from DekTec. 


Dektec: The Intesat team at NAB 2018

A long-time customer of DekTec, Inetsat offers a cloud-based playout platform that can serve as an alternative for distributing TV channels via satellite. The cloud is used for media distribution, in combination with video servers that play out TV channels at central or remote facilities.

Major broadcasters and service providers use Inetsat’s product for primary play-out, disaster recovery, ad insertion and localisation. The video servers support all resolutions from SD to UHD and play out over SDI (uncompressed) or TS (compressed) over ASI or IP.

“With the advent of the new Colorado line of ASI/SDI combo cards, Inetsat has now deployed the DTA-2172 and DTA-2174B. The new cards offer a small footprint, higher density and lower cost solution, allowing Inetsat to offer more flexible and cost-effective solutions to networks around the world,” said Stephane Billat, GM of DekTec America Inc. ” We are proud to have Inetsat as one of our happy and growing customers.”