Building on the solid foundations of the u7 antenna, the u8 has been re-engineered for increased performance and adaptability, ensuring it can meet customers’ diverse and evolving needs.

ST Engineering-1

ST Engineering: iDirect’s iQ 200 modem board powers the u8

Software-defined and electronically steered, the u8 operates over the complete Ku-band. Its low-profile, aerodynamic design means the antenna can be fixed to the structure of vehicles enabling the user inside to connect anywhere with multi-WAN and cellular configuration. Easily integrated onto mobile platforms, it utilises a cloud-based portal for connectivity management and has low power requirements. With an eye to the future, the antenna can also be upgraded to a LEO configuration when available.

Powering the u8 is ST Engineering iDirect’s iQ 200 modem board which enables key features on the antenna. This includes high performance and efficiency with DVB-S2/DVB-S2X outbound and adaptive TDMA returns, Secure 256-bit AES encryption, 10 and 50MHz reference for BUC compatibility and OpenAMIP to facilitate information exchange between the antenna and modem for mobility applications.