MediaHub Australia has selected EVS’ media infrastructure solutions as the cornerstone of its upgraded in-house master control room.


EVS: The Cerebrum control and monitoring solution and the Neuron IP stream processing platform have been chosen for the MCR 

Following an extensive 12-month RFP process, the current SDI-based environment located inside the Ingleburn facility will make way for a SMPTE 2022-6/7 and 2110 IP platform based on EVS’ Cerebrum control and monitoring solution and Neuron, its IP stream processing platform. The deployment will be undertaken by EVS alongside local partner Magna Systems.

With Cerebrum, MediaHub Australia will be able to master multiple workflows, offering control and customisation over complex setups designed by the many broadcasters it works with. It will also be able to adapt and scale to future infrastructures using NMOS IS-04 and IS-05 specifications, ensuring that it can manage and control future production workflows in native-IP formats.

The new setup demanded flexible gateway devices with a small footprint and all-round processing capabilities for a wide range of audio-video needs in IP environments. EVS was able to meet these requirements by deploying the Neuron solution. Neuron’s Ethernet-based architecture supports various advanced video processing capabilities such as frame synchronisation, up/down conversion, colour correction, HDR conversion, audio (de)embedding and audio shuffling. This ensures that any crew located inside MediaHub Australia’s MCR can easily bridge the gap between baseband SDI and any type of IP media streams and take advantage of the huge set of functions available to them in an instant.

“All solutions proposed and supplied by Magna Systems were thoroughly tested and led the pack by far in terms of meeting our requirements,” said Simon Scott, executive head of technology at MediaHub. “We now have dynamic flexibility in processing and monitoring various types of streams from ASI, IP compressed, SDI, IP uncompressed and various video flavours including HD, SD, UHD-4K, HDR, SDR and audio formats - all while maintaining MediaHub’s high SLA and quality standards. It really is the best solution available by far.”

Paul Maroni, group sales and marketing manager at Magna Systems, added: “This is a ground-breaking solution for MediaHub, an organisation that continues to push the boundaries of technology to enhance its offering to customers. We are delighted to be such a key part of its next phase of growth, along with our technology partner EVS.”

Adrian Richmond, global sales manager media infrastructure at EVS, concluded: “This project has been a collaboration between a forward-thinking organisation in MediaHub, the expertise within Magna Systems and the best of breed for IP solutions here at EVS. We’re delighted that our Neuron and Cerebrum solutions will form the backbone of such an innovative media infrastructure that will help MediaHub continue to enhance its offering in the future.”

The upgraded MediaHub MCR featuring the EVS media infrastructure is due to be installed and operational in the first quarter of 2021.