Movistar+, the audiovisual entertainment arm of the Telefónica Group, has chosen to implement ATEME’s Titan software headend solution for distribution of its live DTH/OTT services.


Pesier: ‘very proud that Movistar+ has chosen to deploy our converged DTH/OTT headend’

According to ATEME, Titan provides Movistar+ with a number of benefits, including simple migration to the virtual video headend. This, it says, is because Titan is a pure software-based encoder that can run on any COTS or virtualised server leveraging the broad support of inputs/output formats and enabling customers to quickly deploy high quality live channels. Titan is also said to provide Movistar+ with outstanding bandwidth savings in MPEG-2 and H.264, resulting in significant savings in satellite transponder usage, as well as delivering the highest video quality at the lowest possible bitrate.

Cedric Pesier, sales director, ATEME, said: “After so many years of working with the Telefónica Group worldwide, we are very proud that Movistar+ has chosen to deploy our converged DTH/OTT headend in Spain. This certainly reinforces our position within the Group and shows how committed ATEME is towards its key customers. Throughout the execution of the project and beyond, we provided Movistar+ with the highest efficiency transcoding solution and the best possible support. We are proud to have contributed to providing Movistar+’s end users with top video quality premium content delivery.”

Eugenio Lojo, head of transmission and conditional access, Movistar+, said: “ATEME has consistently proven itself to be an innovative and reliable partner to Telefónica Group and so was the natural choice for this project. ATEME’s Titan solution will ensure we’re able to deliver high quality video to our vast customer base so they can enjoy our line-up of original content and the excellent service they expect from us.”