The company has marked the 21st anniversary of its AirBox broadcast playout system with enhancements to its 1U and 3U Neo servers, along with improvements to its IP-based Cloud2TV.


Refined: A new integrated I/O architecture can be shared between AirBox Neo servers and the recently introduced Capture Suite

New to AirBox Neo is SRT output support. Designed for fast file transmission, SRT provides reliable transmission at the application layer with UDP (User Datagram Protocol) as an underlying transport layer. It enables reliable and secure streaming of high-quality content via the public internet, according to PlayBox. Latency parameter control allows adjustments to be made to counteract slow links, and New Caller, Listener and Rendezvous modes support connection to the AirBox Neo playout server from more than one location, typically from main and back up locations. Encryption can be activated for content protection.

PlayBox Neo is also introducing new integrated I/O architecture which can be shared between AirBox Neo servers and the recently introduced Capture Suite. Connectivity features include an NDI output, AJA output plug-in and AJA input plug-ins plus an HLS input. Simultaneous outputs can be delivered in a choice of video standards and frame rates. On the fly interactive control over any input/output plug-in is also provided. A new web-based multiviewer is now available for AirBox Neo. This accepts UHD/HD/SD sources and provides support for AJA, BMD and NDI protocols.

Additionally, seven new Cloud2TV enhancements have been announced for PlayBox Neo’s Cloud2TV software-centric virtual channel playout product.