A new version of the Audemat DAB Probe with a host of new functions has been released by WorldCast Systems.

Worldcast-3 Audemat DAB Probe

3.0: The latest version of the DAB probe offers many new features

The product is now enhanced with options that allow ETI and EDI input monitoring as well as a time reference via an integrated GPS or a 1PPS input.

In addition, the basic version is also enriched to improve performance and user experience, said the company. Enhancements include management of audio listening depending on the output used (IP streaming, analogue, digital, or headphone outputs); display of additional FIC tables; performance improvement for MER and Shoulders measurements; improved decoding of TII (Transmitter Identification Information); and extension of the recording time of the ETI stream to ten minutes.

Simon Daniels, regional sales manager at WorldCast Systems, said the additions were based on customer demand.

“With this new version, the function to price ratio of the Audemat DAB Probe is even better than before,” said Daniels. “It provides comprehensive monitoring of the quality and continuity of services including on critical SFN applications.”

He added that with the Audemat DAB Probe it was already possible to remotely monitor, either continuously or in round robin mode, DAB and DAB + channels via 1 or 2 RF inputs whether transmitted on SFN or MFN networks.