Belgium’s largest telco Proximus has gone live with its next-gen IPTV+OTT Android TV service, with an advanced user experience engineered by 3SS – 3 Screen Solutions.


Proximus: En route to become one of the largest Android TV Operator Tier deployments

Proximus Pickx on Android TV is available to all Proximus’ legacy TV service customers, a total of over 1.65 million deployed legacy STBs, paving the way for it to become one of the largest Android TV Operator Tier deployments in the world. The new service replaces Proximus’ legacy AOSP-based TV offering.

Proximus Pickx is delivering a personalised customer experience through a combination of 3READY Android TV solution from 3SS and Technicolor Connected Home’s Sapphire STB and middleware at its core.

“We discovered in our consumer survey last year that more than one in three Belgians has trouble choosing a programme, and almost one in two think they waste time looking for what to watch,” said Jim Casteele, chief consumer market officer at Proximus.

“Moreover, we learned that 70% of consumers want to have all their content in one place, so we knew Android TV was the answer. Now, thanks to close collaboration with our key technology partners, with their great talent, innovation and expertise, with Proximus Pickx we’re delivering a sophisticated, viewer-centric entertainment service,” Casteele added.

Following a pilot launch phase which began in October 2019, Proximus launched the service and began to make it widely available to subscribers in July 2020. Proximus Pickx offers a wide array of state-of-the-art user features, tied together in a customized user experience enabled by 3READY.

The new service delivers IPTV+OTT viewing, with personalised search and recommendation that help customers navigate and access desirable content in Proximus Pickx’ extensive offering of linear and non-linear content.

3SS delivered project and service definition, design, and co-created together with Proximus based on the 3READY design system. Proximus and 3SS carried out system implementation based on SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework), ensuring integration and harmonious interoperability with key system technologies. These include recommendation technology from ThinkAnalytics, PRESTOplay player SDK from castLabs, Media Distillery’s EPG Correction Time, which ensures accurate start times for replay, as well as the Technicolor platform and Omni Remotes custom-designed handheld controller.

“We are immensely proud to have been entrusted by Proximus to help deliver this ambitious and highly innovative project,” said Kai-Christian Borchers, managing director of 3SS.

“Proximus deserves huge congratulations on the launch of its Proximus Pickx Android STB-enabled TV service and we are confident that audiences across Belgium will love this new, next-gen, personalized TV experience.”