Swiss station Radio Stadtfilter has announced that it will start using OmniPlayer radio automation software for its radio production and playout system, with a planned on-air date of August 1.

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OmniPlayer: Will manage radio production, planning and playout at Radio Stadtfilter

Kai Brenner, CTO at Radio Stadtfilter, said: “We were looking for an automation system where the quality and the possibilities were future-proof (and) it should be easy to use for our users. The software not only does what was promised, but also has a lot of features we did not yet know we needed. Because of the stability of the software and support we are sure Radio Stadtfilter is now ready for the future.”

The station broadcasting in northern Switzerland is the latest Swiss broadcaster to select OmniPlayer automation, with Radio Rottu Oberwallis using the software from October 2019.

Peter van Klei, commercial director of OmniPlayer, said: “We are very pleased that Radio Stadtfilter is the second Swiss radio station within a year that has chosen OmniPlayer as the core system for their radio production, planning and playout. I am confident that OmniPlayer is the right choice for them. We are looking forward to be working with Radio Stadtfilter as their radio automation partner for many years to come.”