ViaLite Communications is seeking to appoint new distributors as part of the latest expansion in the company’s reseller network.


Jacklin: An opportunity to join the world’s leading product line in RF over fibre communications

The company is searching for distributors who operate in Europe and Latin America. In Europe, ViaLite says it would like to be contacted by potential distributors from the Nordic countries (Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and Iceland) as well as those in Turkey and Switzerland. The company would also like to hear from any distributors in Latin America, but would especially like to talk to those from Brazil and Argentina.

Richard Jacklin, director of sales, ViaLite said: “We are excited to be able to offer the chance for new distributors to come on board as part of our reseller expansion. This is an opportunity for new distributors to join the world’s leading product line in RF over fibre communications.”

Interested distributors will, the company notes, ideally have experience in the satcom, broadcast, timing, or mil-aero markets, as well as be a specialist in radio frequency and/or optical communications.