WIND Hellas, one of the largest telecommunications companies in Greece, has chosen Broadpeak’s streaming and recording solutions to power its new ABR service. 


Le Mancq: ‘Excited to support WIND Hellas on its journey into the world of video streaming’

Using Broadpeak’s BkM100 video delivery mediator, BkS350 origin and packager server, and BkS400 cache server, Broadpeak says that WIND Hellas can optimise bandwidth capacity, handle high peaks of traffic, and deliver an exceptional quality of experience (QoE) across all screens, including Android TV set-top boxes.

Hermann Riedl, chief business and digital transformation officer at WIND Hellas, said: “One of the most important goals for WIND Hellas is that our subscribers can enjoy the ultimate Android TV experience and watch live and recorded content anytime, anywhere. We chose Broadpeak based on its expertise in video delivery software. Thanks to Broadpeak’s pay-as-you-grow approach, we have the flexibility to track traffic growth and quickly extend streaming capacity based on the success of our new ABR service.”

WIND Hellas’s new service was launched successfully due to the strong collaboration with technology partners, including Zappware, which provided the full TV solution as a managed service including cloud-based recording. VP Media Solutions, Broadpeak’s reseller in this project, served as the system integrator.

WIND Hellas is using Broadpeak’s BkM100 video delivery mediator to manage session requests and redirect them to different video servers. The BkS350 origin and packager ingests and records live streams in one video format, then packages and encrypts them on the fly in HLS and DASH format. Relying on Broadpeak’s BkS400, WIND Hellas can cache HLS and DASH video content as well as data for EPG images to improve quality.

Broadpeak adapted the capacity of its caching servers in order to provide WIND Hellas with the best fit in terms of bandwidth capacity and geographical distribution, with the network being distributed over many islands. The system can handle high peaks of traffic that take place during special events such as sports events like basketball and football games.

Jacques Le Mancq, CEO at Broadpeak, said: “Over the last two decades, WIND Hellas has established itself as a pioneer in mobile, fixed, internet, and TV services and presented innovative products that changed the telecommunications industry. We’re excited to support WIND Hellas on its journey into the world of video streaming and bring the first Android TV service to Greece using Broadpeak solutions to deliver the superior quality that viewers demand on all screens.”