Carrier-grade video delivery solutions company WISI has announced that it has redefined and expanded the Inca IP video platform with a new single SKU chassis, updated modules and upgraded software features.

Inca: Now benefits from updated modules and upgraded software features

According to WISI, this shift gives operators new control and functionality to manage linear and ABR video services, to help expand subscriber reach, decrease time to market, and reduce overhead costs.

The entire Inca family of products is now available in a single modular platform; users can deploy transcoding or IP delivery features through available modules and licenses in a 1RU chassis.

Video operators can, notes WISI, continue to deploy all the features and functionality they were accustomed to within the Inca product family. This includes 8VSB or ASI to IP delivery, ABR transcoding and linear transcoding between MPEG-2, MPEG-4, and HEVC.

Sharen Sandhu, VP of product for WISI America, said: “We continue to invest development resources into the Inca IP video platform to streamline deployment for video operators and provide a smooth path for upgrading services as business needs change.”

New software features include SRT send and receive to deliver high quality, low-latency video across unpredictable networks with or without transcoding; HLS package and origin server, which automatically creates HLS playlists from ABR transcodes for delivery within contained networks; and an advanced deinterlace feature for ABR designed to clean up any problem sources before transcoding to multiple bitrate profiles and remove interlacing artefacts. Other new features include an increased number of direct outputs that can demultiplex programs from MPTS sources and output up to 144x IP streams per chassis, and flex transcode licenses for ABR and MPEG-2, allowing users to configure transcodes for HD/SD sources directly in VidiOS.

VidiOS is a monitoring and management tool and is automatically included within the Inca platform. Features include integrated analytics, statistical analysis, video thumbnails, and stream sample download.

“We focus on making flexible products that simplify running a video headend while cutting down on troubleshooting time,” said Sandhu. “The newly consolidated Inca platform will help operators save significantly on power consumption and operational costs. The Inca IP video platform can easily replace multiple racks of equipment with one chassis.”