WorldCast Systems used IBC SHOWCASE to announce that the company’s Ecreso FM 3kW transmitter has been approved by ARD for use within the network of German public broadcasters.

Worldcast-4 Ecreso FM 3kW - angle view

Worldcast: The Ecreso FM 3kW joins the list of ARD-approved Ecreso transmitters 

As the association of public broadcasting corporations within Germany, ARD’s engineering teams set rigorous specifications that manufacturers must comply with in order to sell to any ARD broadcaster. The Ecreso FM 3kW joins other Ecreso transmitters which had already been approved to meet the necessary specifications defined by the organisation. These include the compact range which spans power levels from 100W to 2000W, the N+1 system, and the Ecreso FM 5/10kW.

Gregory Mercier, director of product marketing at WorldCast Systems, said: “The ARD specifications are acknowledged to be among the most demanding in the industry. We are honoured that this organisation has once again approved an Ecreso transmitter and proud that our product meets their standards for efficiency, reliability and robustness. In addition to the nearly 2000 Ecreso transmitters already broadcasting in Germany, we look forward to continue meeting the needs of German broadcasters.”

The Ecreso FM 3kW is a fully digital transmitter for analogue FM. It includes a built-in redundancy on the system’s power supplies, fans and power amplifiers. In the event of a MOSFET loss, the Ecreso FM 3kW will continue broadcasting with more than 1500W on air, and for an unlimited time frame. Designed for easy maintenance, it is built with hot swappable power supplies and fans.