Technical Papers: Watch a presentation by the authors and read their technical paper on sustainability.

Technical Papers: Sustainability

In this presentation, the EBU looks beyond energy efficiency and the consumptive expansion it tends to drive and investigates the broader means to sustainable behaviour. 

For many commercial organisations, the idea of driving a reduction in consumption or moderating technological advancement (beyond the need for cost reduction / profit maximisation) is at best alien, if not contrary to their purpose. 

However, for public service media, with their unique role and public service mandate it could be an opportunity to showcase sustainability leadership – and drive the conversation onto how to measure and present this benefit, as they pursue their goal to inform, educate and entertain all of us. 

Presenters: Dr. Hemini Mehta, Operations Manager, EBU 

Lalya Gaye, AI & Data Initiative Coordinator, EBU 

Host: Dickon Ross, Editor in Chief, IET 

Technical Paper

Read Technical Paper: Sustainability - The real cost of development in public service media