Technical Papers: Watch presentations by the authors and read their technical papers on creating volumetric content.

It is not an exaggeration to say that volumetric video processing is fast-heralding a revolution in media technology through its versatility. What began largely as a form of immersive entertainment has grown into a huge number of applications, including: gaming, sport analytics, cultural heritage, education, medicine, animation, e-commerce, industrial visualisation and personal communication. 

We have two presentations providing a fascinating glimpse into the state-of-the-art in volumetric capture and processing. First, new work which unveils the idea of animatable volumetric content and then shows how it may be captured, animated, rendered and streamed using hybrid geometry-video methods.

The substantial volumetric processing involved is off-loaded to a cloud-based server.  We then explore the very latest international work on the challenging topic of person-to-person communication in virtual space – 3D holo-conferencing – with a look at the different social applications that it will make possible. Finally, in our supporting paper, we examine the precision requirements of a many-hundred-camera array for the capturing of sporting events, either for free-viewpoint spectating or for analytical purposes. 

Presenters Dr. Gianluca Cernigliaro, VR/AR Technical Leader, i2CAT 

Serhan Gül, Researcher, Fraunhofer HHI 

Host Rob Koenen, Founder and CBO, Tiledmedia