Technical Papers: Watch a presentation by the authors and read their technical papers on synchronised UHDTV & AR for enhanced viewing and MPEG media enablers for richer XR experiences. 

IBC SHOWCASE 2020: Technical papers session on XR

Committed to keeping media industry professionals informed about new developments, IBC always seeks to present updates by leading contributors to international standards research. Within this session is the very latest of these updates; a thorough look at recent developments in MPEG-I relating to extended reality XR (a general term embracing virtual and augmented reality systems). Here, our world-level expert will describe the latest in: immersive video streaming systems and interfaces, the concept of a Scene Description and how this Description will allow us to compose a 3D scene from 3D objects. 

By way of demonstrating the power of XR, the session continues with a presentation by NHK showing how they are able to enhance their 8k UHDTV viewing experience with simultaneous 6-degrees-of-freedom volumetric video. This video is delivered via the domestic internet and viewed via a personal mobile device. NHK describes this as ‘volumetric tele-existence which brings the performers and viewers into the content world’.  Theirs is a fascinating and detailed story of the processes involved in producing, streaming and time-synchronising the two media. This culminates in a prototype through which we can watch as our favourite actor seamlessly steps through the TV screen and into our living room! 

Presenters: Emmanuel Thomas, Senior Scientist Innovator, TNO 

Yuki Kawamura, Researcher, NHK 

Host: Stephan Heimbecher, Media technology standards and innovation expert 

Technical Papers 

Read Technical Paper: Toward Tele-experience: Enhanced viewing experience by synchronised UHDTV and free-viewpoint AR

Read Technical Paper: MPEG media enablers for richer XR experiences