Your guide to what’s happening this week in the media, entertainment and technology industry.


CeBIT exhibition and conference will kick off in Sydney, Australia on Tuesday to Thursday. The show for the Asia Pacific business technology industry will feature keynotes on cyber security and the development of AI applications. 

The IABM will host a webinar discussing its new BaM Content Chain: From Creator to Consumer and why the industry needs a new model. The webinar explores the new structure which aims to provide a flexible and extensible framework to accommodate the evolving industry environment. 

The Webby Awards honour excellence across the internet from websites, film and video to games and podcasts on Tuesday in New York City. Nominations include special achievement award to Jesse Williams for his online activism and efforts in technology and inclusive game creation, Star Wars for best web movie and film category, Google Earth VR for best interaction design and BBC Earth YouTube Channel for best online film and video science and education channel. 

Company updates 

Alibaba Group is expected to report its year earnings on Thursday

Cisco Systems Inc will announce on Wednesday its Q3 2018 fiscal year earnings   

Film and TV releases 

Netflix’s original series 13 Reasons Why will return with season two on Friday. 

Ryan Reynolds returns in Marvel’s Deadpool 2 hitting UK cinemas on Wednesday. 

On Chesil Beach will be released on Friday. Based on the novel by Ian McEwan, the drama-romance stars Saoirse Ronan who is rumoured to be up for another Oscar nomination for her performance of leading protagonist Florence Ponting.

On this day 

17 May 1991 Time Berners-Lee used a NeXTcube computer to set up the first web server at the European Particle Physic Laboratory in Geneva, Switzerland, acknowledged as the first public release of the world wide web.