Your guide to what’s happening this week in the media, entertainment and technology industry.

Industry events

Apple’s ’Special Event’ has been announced for Monday in California at 10.00 and live-streamed on its Twitter page. It is the first major event which won’t have a hardware focus and the only teaser Apple has released so far is: “It’s show time.” 

Connected TV World Summit is the thought leadership event for the future of the TV industry in London on Wednesday and Thursday with speakers from around the world discussing the value of content, emerging TV ecosystems and innovation. 

SportsPro OTT Asia is on Wednesday and Thursday in Singapore with more than 35 speakers and over 200 attendees. The summit brings together key stakeholders to connect on all aspects of the sports OTT revolution. 

Westminster Media Forum will examine what the UK creative industries need in the future with delegates examining education and concerns on Brexit. The one-day seminar takes place on Thursday in London. 

Company results

  • Paramount Group will announce its March dividends to shareholders on Thursday 
  • Oracle Corporation Japan will announce its anticipated 2019 Q3 earnings on Friday

Film and TV releases

Director Tim Burton has reimagined the animated Disney classic Dumbo. The 2019 CGI retelling arrives in cinemas on Friday following a young elephant with oversized ears that enable him to fly. It stars Danny Devito, Colin Farrell and Michael Keaton.

The sci-fi thriller Captive State is set in Chicago a decade after occupation by an extra-terrestrial force took over the city with John Goodman and Ashton Sanders starring in the lead roles in cinemas on Friday.

New French sci-fi Osmosis comes to Netflix on Friday. Set in the near-future of Paris where dating apps read your memories and find your perfect partner, but can it decode love? 

Netflix brings a new documentary to screens on Friday: The Legend of Cocaine Island follows one man who set out to find $2m buried on a Caribbean Island. 

On this day

25 March 1954 RCA manufactured the first colour TV set, with a 15-inch screen it cost $1,000  

31 March 1997 Channel 5 in the UK begins broadcasting