Audiences are growing more and more technologically savvy. Not only that, they are getting even more immersed in new ways they can improve their media needs, demanding new experiences and that their expectations be challenged, writes WeTek Chief Executive Hugo Condesa.

While the TV screen was once seen as a primary viewing source, this is no longer true. The laptop has been pinpointed as being the go-to device while watching online television.

Hugo Condesa

Hugo Condesa

This doesn’t mean audiences are neglecting the TV screen, it simply means that the device lacks the functionalities capable of catering to the needs of their target user. This might look like a conservative view; after all we’re surrounded by screens. Smartphones and tablets are even more attention-worthy when it comes to social media content; to think of the television set as the main device might just sound foolish.

In fact, from a human standpoint, audiences crave comfort more than anything. One can even say that comfort is the umbrella commodity, standing right above and including within itself all other forms of entertainment.

Portable devices and embedded screens are transitional mediums, usually being looked at while standing up or outside the house, TV screens on the other hand are significantly bigger and usually placed in front of a resting place.

With that in mind and taking in account all the different platforms in which content is being created, the TV screen is still a centrepiece in everyday life, only neglected by a significant lifestyle change in society, but still a huge investment in most households.

The real issue comes from the fact that most Smart TVs simply fall short of being the one-stop-shop they should be and so the need for a third party device is crucial to take full advantage of a truly quality experience.

STBs come into play as the most efficient home entertainment device, a true centerpiece that connects every media need and with the potential to expand upon it – giving 360-degree freedom from the comfort of every couch.

WeTek has a deep knowledge of the consumer’s needs and caters to them. Our set top boxes are powerful devices built with IPTV/OTT or adding DVB/ATSC/ISDB-T standards capabilities and dedicated to maximum compatibility towards the future. The same goes for our front end: the WeTV is as easy to use as it is completely adapted to every user’s profile, making each particular use a unique experience.

But devices alone don’t make for great media experiences; telcos, ISPs, broadcasters, content providers, and operators should also be accounted.

We truly believe that great results can only come by combined efforts and that’s where WeCast comes in: a symbiotic connection that serves as a solution for content delivery, with the capability to monetise video content while providing a great multiscreen experience at the same time.

The WeTek Box Control is another step into catering to the consumer while giving a powerful tool crucial to service providers. Add and remove apps, automatically and continuously run updates, anticipate and defuse issues before the user even finds one.

Hugo Condesa is Chief Executive Officer at WeTek

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