• BBC Sounds launched connected TV app for audio sharing
  • Listeners to have access to 80,000 hours of music, radio or podcasts
  • BBC director of product: “This launch is just the start, and we’re looking forward to the app being available on more connected TVs soon”


BBC: Launches BBC Sounds app for connected TVs

A new BBC Sounds app which has launched today on YouView and Virgin devices, with Samsung TVs joining later this week, will enable audiences to access over 80,000 hours of audio content on their TVs. 

BBC has launched the app amid the currently coronavirus crisis helping to connect audiences with their favourite music, radio and podcasts on their connected TVs.

The BBC Sounds TV app “will provide listeners with another way to access live and on demand radio from the BBC’s 18 national and 40 local stations, music mixes curated by experts, artists and special guests, and a wide range of award-winning podcasts.”

Acknowledging the “challenging times” the British broadcaster has created the app to become personalised in line with its mobile and web offerings.

BBC Sounds and BBC iPlayer director of product Dan Taylor-Watt said: “More so now than ever, we want our services to be available on whatever devices people want to access them on – and this is the natural next step in the development of BBC Sounds.

“We know lots of people listen to radio on the TV, and since Sounds is already the digital home for all audio from the BBC we’re really pleased to be bringing it into homes with a TV app. This launch is just the start, and we’re looking forward to the app being available on more connected TVs soon.”

The broadcaster claims that almost 10% of digital radio listening is done on the TV, which is the equivalent to around 48 million hours per week.

In a statement the firm said: “It offers recommendations based on previous listening, and lets people pick up where they left off with the Continue Listening feature, regardless as to whether they were previously listening on mobile, TV or online.

“Listeners can also find shows and mixes they’ve previously bookmarked on the web or mobile versions of Sounds.”

The Sounds TV app also includes a feature to browse by category, making it easy to find a genre from true crime, hip hop or comedy. It also features the accessibility for listeners to skip forward or rewind by seconds, minutes or jump to the next episode altogether.

BBC Sounds controller Jonathan Wall said: “BBC Sounds has over 80,000 hours of radio programmes, podcasts and music mixes so there’s a huge amount of choice for listeners.

“The new TV app is another way the BBC will be there for people through the current challenging times, giving listeners access to all of our brilliant audio through a few clicks of their TV remotes.”

The BBC Sounds TV app will be rolling out from today on Virgin devices and YouView devices, including some Sony TVs, and is coming to some Samsung TVs later this week, plus many more connected TVs and devices in the coming weeks and months.