IBC2018: The exhibition and the features areas not to miss on the last day of IBC2018.

Future Zone 

The IBC Future Zone is where innovation, exciting concept technologies and cutting-edge solutions are showcased.

Visit, BBC R&D, 2-IMMERSE, NHK and BT and more who are exhibiting futuristic solutions and leveraging technology ahead of the curve. 

The zone has been designed with a focus on demonstrating how new technologies grow from their first inception through the stages of research, development and validation to a point of maturity.

An IBC project group of international industry experts, led by Professor David Crawford, has picked exhibitors for their ingenious, creative and futuristic innovations, and all exhibitors boast ground-breaking applications and products that are set to become standardised for the future.

Future Trends Theatre

The IABM Future Trends Theatre will showcase new technologies that deliver strategic business advantages across the media industry, with a programme to spotlight new business models and technology opportunities.

Open to all visitors, the theatre will host presentations designed to explore up-and-coming technologies and business trends and the ways they will merge into today’s media environment.


IP Showcase

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SMPTE ST 2110 final draft interoperability 

The IP Showcase is dedicated to educating show attendees on the business and creative potential of IP media solutions. More than 50 vendors will work together to demonstrate real-world IP interoperability and how it can bring much greater flexibility and efficiency to your operations.

It brings together informative presentations and practical demos to show you how to build flexible, more efficient systems and enable creative operation and workflow potential offered by standards-based IP solutions. Located in E106/7. 

The IBC Partnership Pavilion

At the Pavilion you can engage with representatives from each of IBC’s owners, arrange meetings, digest specially curated content, learn about all their latest initiatives and find out how you or your company can get more closely involved.

Together at IBC they represent the interests of both exhibitors and visitors. Make use of this opportunity as they offer an unrivalled wealth of knowledge and expertise. They stand ready to welcome you with fresh insights into the issues impacting content creation, management and delivery.

Visit the IBC Partnership Pavilion outside the Future Zone. 

Explore the exhibition

The IBC Exhibition covers fifteen halls across the RAI and hosts over 1,700 exhibitors spanning the creation, management and delivery of electronic media and entertainment. View the IBC exhibition interactive floorplan here, where you can navigate your journey throughout the halls themed around technology.