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  • NAB2023 Robert Szabo Rowe

    NAB 2023: Robert Szabo Rowe, The Switch


    NAB2023: IBC365 spoke with Robert Szabo Rowe, SVP of Engineering & Prodcut Management, The Switch

  • NAB2023 Rick Young

    NAB 2023: Rick Young, LTN


    NAB2023: IBC365 spoke to the SVP of Global Products, LTN, who gave an overview of the industry from the NAB show floor

  • NAB2023 Tonia Malleo

    NAB 2023: Tonia Maffeo, NDI


    NAB 2023: NDI’s Head of Marketing gives her view of the industry from the NAB show floor

  • NAB2023 Changes in the industry

    NAB 2023: Changes in the Industry


    NAB 2023: IBC365 hit the show floor to ask a range of industry experts ’What changes are you noticing in how the industry is operating as a result of developing tech?’

  • NAB2023 Tools for Change

    NAB 2023: Tools for change


    NAB2023: IBC365 spoke to a range of nine industry experts at NAB2023 about how emerging technologies can best be used as a tool for positive change.

  • NAB2023 Simon Hawkings

    NAB 2023: Simon Hawkings, Ross Video


    NAB2023: Ross Video’s Director of Sales Strategy and Business Acceleration commented on the state of the media, tech and entertainment industries from the NAB show floor.

  • NAB2023 Thomas Jorgensen

    NAB 2023: Thomas Bostrøm Jørgensen, Appear


    NAB2023: Appear’s CEO gives his view of the industry from the NAB show floor

  • Emerging Tech Trends - NAB 2023

    NAB 2023: Emerging Tech Trends


    NAB 2023: Always a great place to pick up on any emerging tech trends, IBC365 spoke to a range of industry experts at NAB2023 to draw out some of their topline thoughts on key technologies. Inevitably cloud and AI technologies figured large, as did advanced compression, metadata driven automation and ...

  • IBC2023-Accelerators-Championship-Roundtable-Video-Video-IBC

    IBC2023 Accelerators: Champion's Roundtable Video


    IBC2023: As part of a successful ’Kickstart’ day on the 8th of Feb, the event saw the 2022 Champion’s Roundtable - a group of previous Accelerator champions - come together to discuss both their experiences and impact of the programme, as well as what the future has in store.

  • Women leading the direct-to-consumer revolution

    Women leading the direct-to-consumer revolution


    IBC2022: Google is committed to addressing the diversity and, in particular, the gender gap in the media and entertainment industry. Hear from female executives about their unique experiences leading teams in the direct-to-consumer space, how we can better empower more diverse leadership in media and entertainment, and the actions needed ...

  • Accelerator - Cloud localization blueprint

    Accelerator - Cloud localisation blueprint


    IBC2022: This IBC Accelerator presents a first-of-its-kind project that brings together an all-star consortium of predominant supply chain software companies and media brands that have explored a definitive blueprint for distributing entertainment content globally.

  • Technical papers: Energy-efficiency

    Technical papers: Energy-efficiency for a more sustainable future


    IBC2022: Whether it is in production, transmission or in personal viewing, media companies are employing technological advances to reduce their consumption of energy as they strive to meet their zero-carbon targets. This informative and entertaining session examines three very distinct approaches towards this objective: The first, by a major ...

  • New opportunities and new audiences on DAB+

    New opportunities and new audiences on DAB+


    IBC2022: Radio broadcasters are taking advantage of the extra features offered by DAB+ digital radio to bring their audience a richer experience on national, regional and local radio. Metadata allows radio broadcasters to stay at the forefront of today’s booming audio market – especially in the highly competitive space of ...

  • Accelerator - 6DOF audio-led narrative and music experiences in the Metaverse

    Accelerator - 6DOF audio-led narrative and music experiences in the Metaverse


    IBC2022: The second of our eight IBC Accelerator showcase sessions reveals POC learnings around how immersive and interactive audio content, particularly 6DOF (six degrees of freedom) impacts content creation and delivery to broadcasters and fans, both experientially and in the metaverse.

  • Advances in video coding

    Technical papers: Advances in video coding


    IBC2022: In this three-paper session we cover both speciality as well as mainstream encoding applications. V-Nova shares its approach and impressive results to encoding 6 degree-of-freedom point clouds with an emphasis on achieving real-time decode on high-end consumer devices. Mediakind explores encoding optimisations for live streamed game content, such as ...

  • Soho Media Club In Conversation with John Oliviera

    Soho Media Club: In Conversation with John Olivieira


    IBC2022: This Soho Media Club session kicks off with an “In conversation with John Olivieira”. John Olivieira, publisher at OneWorld, shares insight into how he got started in the media space as well as discussing the challenges in the industry. John is currently chairman of the board of the European ...

  • Accelerator 5G remote production

    Accelerator - 5G remote production (in the middle of nowhere)


    IBC2022: This breakthrough 5G project demonstrates just how portable and flexible a private 5G ‘network in a box’ can be for a variety of live broadcast production use cases, taking it to some truly remote global locations, as well as to the IBC show itself.

  • Technical papers 5G

    Technical papers: 5G - Tools, trials and media production


    IBC2022: 5G media streaming is a sophisticated infrastructure designed to robustly support the increasing consumption of high-quality video from content providers. To aid understanding and adoption of its capabilities, a suite of open-source tools (5G-MAG) have been developed.

  • Technical papers-The immersive Olympics

    Technical papers: The immersive Olympics


    IBC2022: The breadth and diversity of sport and venue covered by the Olympics considerably magnifies the production challenge. So, to add the complexity of immersivity is impressive. In this two-paper session you learn how 5.1.4 immersive audio was added and used across all sports, as well as the opening ...

  • Regina Bernhaupt

    Technical papers: New approaches to social media


    IBC2022: Among today’s diverse media technologies, social applications play a large role, providing new means for people to communicate and to share opinions and experiences with others.