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  • Philippe Mendes mediatree

    Demo: Keywords media monitoring system


    IBC2022: Keywords has now integrated the automated detection of text in images. This year, Mediatree have worked to improve this monitoring solution to meet more client needs. Previously, the solution searched audio visual content to identify all verbal instances of keywords entered via a search bar. Today, artificial intelligence also ...

  • Soumonos Mukherjee spideo

    Demo: Spideo Explore - the recommendation analytics platform


    IBC2022: Discover Spideo Explore, the analytics platform complementary to the Spideo recommendation system.

  • Stefan L Lederer, bitmovin

    How the category of playback products can take viewing experiences to the next level


    IBC2022: Video Streaming is a buoyant industry with consumers having around five subscriptions on average. However, consumers are now starting to scrutinise the value of each service, and playback quality has become a key differentiator. 

  • Panel- Building audiences through better discovery, personalisation and engagement

    Panel: Building audiences through better discovery, personalisation and engagement


    IBC2022: The holy grail for video services is to provide seamless viewing experiences by putting the right content in front of the right viewer at the right time. This session draws together a variety of approaches to illustrate some of the available options.

  • Rick Young LTN

    Demo: LTN: Bringing order to the chaos of IP video delivery


    IBC2022: The transition from traditional transport methods like satellite and fiber to IP is well underway worldwide. Thanks to innovation from the LTN Network and open protocols like SRT, the ability to leverage the Internet for real time broadcast quality video delivery is a reality.

  • Alberto Paniagua, VP Regional Sales - Sei Robotics Co

    Demo: HOMA: Smart home and home security solution


    IBC2022: Homa is an IoT solution independently developed by SEI Robotics and built in Google ecosystem to provide global operator customers with smart home, home security products and value-added business expansion.

  • expand and engage audiences

    Panel: New ways to expand and engage audiences


    IBC2022: Why is there a need to better engage audiences, especially sports fans? Sports broadcasters and leagues are facing two challenges: cord-cutting is reducing the number of potential viewers while younger generations, Millenials and Gen Z, watch less sports and are less engaged. Younger viewers typically pay more attention to ...

  • Creating DTC products and FAST channels that users will love

    Creating DTC products and FAST channels that users will love


    IBC2022: Allen Media Group’s direct-to-consumer strategy is to create exceptional product experiences powered by world class content for users worldwide. President of Digital, Michael Senzon will discuss why a very disciplined playbook WILL accelerate your portfolio of streaming assets from your FAST channels to owned and operated apps.

  • multi-service discovery at the centre of the viewer experience

    Putting multi-service discovery at the centre of viewer experience


    IBC2022: TV operators are best placed to deliver on the pressing viewer need to bring together broadcast and OTT viewing experiences. But bringing a unified view is next to impossible with so many TV sources to manage. This session looks at how a multinational TV operator working alongside a global ...

  • Environmental sustainability and the cloud

    Panel: Environmental sustainability and the cloud’s contribution to tackling climate change


    IBC2022: After a northern hemisphere summer scarred by destructive heatwaves, environmental sustainability has never been more important. Many media organisations have been working to roll out sustainability strategies but with varying success. As awareness grows, consumers will increasingly hold media organisation to account.

  • #GALSNGEAR - Changing workflows - Changing perspectives

    GALSNGEAR: Changing workflows; Changing perspectives


    IBC2022: This session focuses on women working at the intersection of technology and creativity, who are also making strides to build a more inclusive industry. Get an exclusive look at behind-the-scenes footage and workflows as we tackle creative and industry-wide challenges that affect everyone from production through distribution. This session ...

  • Demo-Sex, lies and video tapes- The truth behind your CDN logs

    Demo: Sex, lies and video tapes: The truth behind your CDN logs


    IBC2022: In the ever more competitive OTT market, high latency, buffering, and downtime don’t just lead to increase customer churn but can result in ruined relationships with viewers forever. Many OTT providers consider that having their own CDN infrastructure, whether it’s built in-house or by a third-party provider, enables them ...

  • Technical papers - How AI is advancing media production

    Technical papers: How AI is advancing media production


    IBC2022: The capabilities of artificial intelligence continue to surprise, and nowhere is this more evident than its ability to interpret video imagery and human speech. But can AI also be genuinely creative? And if so can its output be protected and exploited like human creative work? This session will ...

  • MPEG-5 LCEVC - V-Nova

    Demo: MPEG-5 LCEVC | V-Nova: MPEG-5 LCEVC boosts compression-speed tradeoff and reduces power consumption of AV1


    IBC2022: The presentation demonstrates how MPEG-5 LCEVC provides a boost to the tradeoff between compression efficiency and transcoding speed of any other codec. It covers several codecs including AV1 and also describes how LCEVC could simultaneously expand the mobile reach of AV1 and reduce the power consumption.

  • David Hancock OMDIA

    EDCF: Cinema looks forward to a changing future


    IBC2022: The European Digital Cinema Forum (EDCF) is once again hosting its long standing and much anticipated EDCF Global Cinema Seminar at IBC. As cinema recovers from the pandemic closures, change has been forced upon an industry that was embracing investment and premium technologies. The Seminar will address the key ...

  • Peter Siebert IEEE BTS

    DVB: shaping the future of television


    IBC2022: This IEEE BTS hosted session together with the DVB Project will cover the latest development of DVB. Over the last 29 years DVB has created and defined the technical basis for digital broadcast. One of the organisation’s key current focus is on IP delivery of audio / visual (AV) ...

  • state of audio technology and the next 5 years

    The John Logie Baird lecture: The state of audio technology and the next 5 years


    IBC2022: Innovation in audio for television and film has often had a strong lead over video technology. This session looks at the latest movements in audio, the sticking points and how this might change in the near future. What factors are holding back Next Generation Audio adoption? What are the ...

  • The convergence of linear & streaming

    The convergence of linear & streaming


    IBC2022: In partnership with Women in Streaming Media, this session takes a view on the industry-wide migration to cloud-based software. As broadcasters are looking to create infrastructure of the future, what are the focal points in building your tech stack?

  • Sustainability in news and sport operations

    Sustainability in news and sport operations


    IBC2022: Through being forced to implement remote capabilities in 2020, broadcasters have found new ways of bringing live content to viewers through powerful virtual production suites. Not only does this create technologically enabled efficiencies in workflows, but it allows for a smaller on-the-ground footprint. The speakers on this panel ...

  • sustainable future in tech

    Building a sustainable future in tech


    Hear from Google Cloud’s Director of Sustainability and Innovation on the company’s efforts in inspiring change in this area, and then dive in to how Google TV is working with partners and industry to tackle the end-to-end environmental sustainability of its full product line. This effort involves enabling our users ...