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  • Fireside Chat with Ubisoft, From gaming to on-screen The hiccups and highlights

    Fireside Chat with Ubisoft, From gaming to on-screen: The hiccups and highlights


    IBC2023: Join Helene Juguet, Managing Director of Ubisoft Film & Television Paris for an in-depth discussion on bridging the gap between film and gaming, keeping an audience captive to the universe around your content, and leveraging games IP for movie-crossover success in order to spearhead growth into new demographics.

  • LGBTQ+ Panel Explores Inclusivity

    LGBTQ+ panel explores inclusivity at IBC2023


    At IBC2023 in Amsterdam, Matthew Williams-Neale, Vice President, Marketing & Communications, Appear, and Alfie Potter, Technical Analyst, ITV, discussed with Muki Kulhan, Innovation Co-Lead, IBC Accelerators, how to improve inclusion and representation for the LGBTQ+ community in the tech industry.


    IET: What’s next for Audio Codecs? The IET John Logie Baird Lectures at IBC


    IBC2023: Audio is a vital part of all media, and decades of research into codecs have given us a sophisticated landscape of audio codecs which can deliver stereo music at very low bandwidths. 

  • Afternoon Tea LGBTQ+

    Afternoon Tea, Spill the Tea - an LGBTQ+ panel special


    IBC2023: Join us for an afternoon tea that celebrates authenticity, shares real life experiences of being LGBTQ+ in our workspace. We talk about the importance of representation and allyship and how to do it right. Come and join us to share your thoughts and gain purposeful top tips for improving ...

  • Breaking down data silos

    Breaking Down Data Silos: How Snowflake’s Media Data Cloud revolutionises broadcast and streaming supply chain in partnership with Slalom and AWS


    IBC2023: As broadcast and streaming organisations create and distribute content across the digital supply chain, silos of metadata are created at every step in the process, leading to lost time, missing data, and duplicative efforts along the way. Learn how the Snowflake Media Data Cloud and Amazon Web Services can ...

  • Will Google deepmind AI help or hinder humans

    Will Google Deepmind AI help or hinder humans?


    At IBC2023 in Amsterdam, Dex Hunter-Torricke, Head of Global Communications & Marketing, Google Deepmind, explored how AI can help solve humanity’s biggest challenges.

  • Growth in Gaming

    Growth in Gaming: All you need to know about top gaming trends


    Join us for a need-to-know breakdown of today’s games industry ecosystem. From key trends across consoles, cloud gaming and subscriptions, to the tech powering the video games market of the future, you’ll hear where the best opportunities across the gaming sector for TV, film and beyond lie.

  • AiBuy

    AiBUY at IBC2023 in Amsterdam


    At IBC2023 in Amsterdam, Randall Bapst, CEO, AiBUY, outlined some of the company’s highlights on their stand and their main focus at the show.

  • Building TV Infrastructure with IP

    Building TV infrastructure with IP


    IBC2023: As part of the IET John Logie Baird Lectures at IBC2023 in Amsterdam, Ian Nock, Vice Chair, IET Media, and a panel of experts presented their views on the thinking and impact of IP delivered TV.

  • Promoting Inclusivity at Dutch TV

    Promoting inclusivity at Dutch TV station Omroep ZWART


    At IBC2023 in Amsterdam, Akwasi Ansah, Dutch storyteller and Founder of the first intrinsically inclusive TV broadcasting station in The Netherlands, Omroep ZWART, shared his personal story and vision for a digital-first landscape which is equitable, inclusive and accessible. 

  • How to make tech industry more inclusive

    How to make the tech industry more inclusive


    At IBC2023 in Amsterdam, Sasha Scott, Head of Transformation Services, EBU, and Soumya Sriraman, President of Streaming, Qurate Retail Group, discussed what needs to change, and the big tech and culture opportunities ahead for developing a more inclusive vision for tech in the next seven years.

  • Eddie Hamilton

    Cutting Blockbusters with Eddie Hamilton ACE


    IBC2023: From Kick-Ass to Kingsman to Top Gun: Maverick and Mission: Impossible (Rogue Nation, Fallout, Dead Reckoning Parts One and Two), editing maestro Eddie Hamilton A.C.E revealed the art and finesse of an increasingly complex production and post-production pathway in the conference at IBC2023 in Amsterdam.

  • Creativity and Tech at BBC Studios

    Creativity and technology at BBC Studios


    At IBC2023 in Amsterdam, Ralph Lee, CEO, BBC Studios Productions, went behind-the-scenes at the UK’s most-awarded production company to reveal how it harnesses the power of creativity and technology to lead the way in innovative storytelling and production techniques.

  • Future of Streaming Technology

    Future of streaming technology


    At IBC2023 in Amsterdam, Nitin Mittal, President Technology, Zee, and Kishore Krishnamurthy, CTO, Zee Digital, discussed the evolution of the streaming model in the Indian market.

  • How to Mix your VOD and Live Sources

    How to mix your VOD and live sources – and create a virtual channel – with a single API call


    IBC2023: Meet Unified Virtual Channel: a solution that delivers a traditional TV-like experience. The API-based solution repurposes live sources and media previously prepared for VOD streaming into new live linear channels. Create custom linear channels, niche and pop-up channels, pre-recorded music events, FAST services, and more. Revive your content. Turn ...

  • Webvision-preview

    Sports Module: Customer experience and monetisation


    IBC2023: Discover MediaHub’s cutting-edge software solution to transform the way people watch sports, providing the freedom to enjoy content across any device and at any time. We are introducing our Sports module focused on football, the first of many theme modules to be designed to elevate the TV experience! 

  • MovieLabs 2030 Vision Update

    MovieLabs 2030 Vision Update


    IBC2023: The MovieLabs 2030 Vision was launched at IBC2019 as aspirational thought leadership from major Hollywood studios, it has now become the future roadmap of the global media creation industry. This panel, moderated by MovieLabs’ Chief Executive, Richard Berger, featured senior technology executives from the Hollywood Studio exploring this global ...

  • Building the Future of Tech

    Building the Future of Tech


    IBC2023: How do you build an effective tech stack and keep innovating when technology moves at such a pace? We took a deep dive into the evolution of the streaming model and its impact on demand for tech. Hear how our panellists are building new technology platforms and leaning into ...

  • Pricing, Packaging and Localisation

    Pricing, Packaging & Localisation: Differentiating Your Streaming Service in a Crowded Market


    IBC2023: Today’s viewer has no shortage of choice when it comes to services and content; however, the intense volume makes it hard to remember what is different about each service. We spoke to two streaming executives who shared their journey of launching streaming services in different markets. They explored the ...

  • Gen Alpha

    Winning Over Gen Alpha: What broadcasters and brands need to action now


    IBC2023: Since born in 2013 onwards, Generation Alpha has only ever known streaming, in-app purchases, and the world of social media. This is the first generation to be truly tech-native, this is the generation of global co-creators and they’re set to disrupt the disruptors. How can you prepare for this ...