The panellists will cover:

Lessons learned from the 2021 Car Buyers Survey: The 2021 Car Buyers Survey was a ground-breaking piece of work carried out by the radio industry – what has been the radio industry’s response to the key findings?

The metadata imperative: why it’s so important for broadcasters to keep working towards providing the best metadata for the car.

Personalised radio in the car: how can the connected radio add personalisation, and how can localised radio bring a personal radio experience?

What is small-scale DAB?

Open-source DAB+ digital radio in practice: delivering revenue generation opportunities and the latest technical DAB+ technical developments with open source digital radio.

Local and community radio broadcasters on DAB+: a not-for-profit model allowing community and student radio stations to be available on digital radio.

Radio 4 Brainport, a community radio station broadcast on DAB+ 24 hours a day for the international community in Brainport, Eindhoven.

Followed by an Q&A with the panel.


Jacqueline Bierhorst, Project Director - Digital Radio NL


Hanns Wolter, Chairman - Technical Director, DAB Italia

Nick Piggott, Director and Project Manager - Bristol Digital Radio

Donald McTernan, Director - Ujima Radio CIC & Bristol Digital Radio CIC 

Lindsay Cornell, Principal Systems Architect, BBC Digital - BBC 

Laurence Harrison, Director of Automotive Partnerships, Radioplayer Worldwide - Radioplayer 

Lukas Weiss, Board Member - Digris AG 

Gereon Joachim, Vice President Automotive Sales & Strategy, EMEA - Xperi 

Gerard Lokhoff, Project Manager DAB allotment 76 - EUregio Digital Foundation